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  1. Turkey day!

    I am part of a women's group and we meet once a month. It's a chance to talk about what's bothering you and get opinions. I walked in Wednesday and a women said "your so small"
    I sat down and said "I'm not not eating. I'm not anorexic, I'm not wasting away or melting or anything else"
    Felt good to say that, and the other woman just said "I guess people have been telling you your too skinny huh?"

    I started tracking my intake
    Myfitnesspal ...
  2. My daughter is gonna be 10 tomorrow!

    Hi everyone!
    I'm doing good. Saw my step daughter yesterday and she didn't say I looked anorexic, just called me a twig.
    Saw my parents and grandparents today and everyone is doing well. It was a nice day.
    I am not loving the weather. I am FREEZING!
    It really makes a HUGE difference when you loose 100+ pounds of insulation ;-)
    Felt a little old today, daughter is going to be 10!!
    So I ordered some thermal bottoms on line but they don't fit right so I ...
  3. Warning: Rant alert

    Good morning!! I hope that everyone is doing great. If your having a bad day, a nauseous day, a hungry day, a stall day....remember this....soon you will have a day where your up and getting dressed in some size you never thought you fit into. Your going to go out and get bunches of complements. Enjoy them!! I am so proud of everyone on here, all working to get what they want. You all should be proud of yourselves too!!
    It's been a little bit since I've posted an update. I am in my 11th month ...
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  4. Just a thought on sleeve size......

    I have a thought.....
    For those of you that don't know my journey here's a little summary;
    May 2014 made the call to get the sleeve. Went thru 6 months of seeing and following a nutritionist's diet. Did the psych, pulmonary and cardiology clearances. Lost a whopping 8 pounds during that time (but if I could loose it thru dieting I wouldn't be here)
    November 2014 I was done with everything and NJI was approved. I saw my surgeon and we set the surgery date to 12/30/14.
  5. Fun weekend!!

    Had my friends 4yr old daughters birthday party on Saturday. It was at a lake with a nice playground and Pavillion and she rented a bouncy house
    It wasn't too long before I found myself inside the bouncy house getting tackled by all the kids
    It was great!! Just being able to fit thru the narrow opening was awesome.
    After we went to playground, I was on the swings and on this other thing I've never seen before so I don't know what it's called, you sit on it and someone pushes ...
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