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  1. 3 weeks since surgery!

    This Tuesday will be three weeks since sleeved. I'm still a little sore in one spot. Instead of stitches I got glued closed on the incisions. The glue came off of one incision when I dryed off after a shower. Oops. Didn't open up or bleed but I can see how deep the cut was. I'm doing what I can to prevent infection. Anyone else get glued? Wondering how long until the glue is gone, surgeon said "a few weeks" when I was in the hospital. What's a few? 2? 5weeks? When I went into surgery ...
  2. 17 days post sleeve, drank too fast and feel horrible

    I need to drink more to avoid dehydration. Trying to drink more but I had 1/2 cup of soup at 330 and dumb me drank 8oz proteins shake 15min later and finished it within ten minutes. It's like I forgot that I can't drink line I used to and now I feel sick to my stomach. It's horrible.
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