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  1. My (long) story on how I ended up on the sleeved side.

    So this is my story. I haven't admitted this to anyone. Starting here. I was 145 when I got pregnant with my son, had him March 2011 at 170lbs. I don't know if it was because of PP depression or just because I now found myself home all the time, but I starting eating. A lot. And I don't mean extras at the dinner table, I mean I would HAVE to have a bag of candy a day. I'm talking the big bag of rolo's or Hershey kisses from the candy aisle. Caramel and chocolate were my best friends.
    So ...
  2. Dinner with the dreaded, I mean, in-laws.

    So in about 3 hours I get to go out to dinner to celebrate my mother in laws birthday. two sister in laws will be be there.
    I haven't told any of them that I got the sleeve.

    Rewind about 5 years. When I first met them (the sisters) I was 145lbs. They were very nice. Thought maybe I would be friends with the one who was my age.
    Then I got pregnant. Ate, ate and ate some more. Had a baby, weighed 200lbs. Got pp depression, turned to food. Weighed 250lbs. now the sisters ...
  3. gurgle, gurgle, gurgle.....

    Every single bite and every single sip I take I get the gurgling in my throat. As if I'm swallowing air. I concentrate on eating and drinking, trying so hard to make sure I don't swallow air I
    This is really annoying
    Does it go away as time goes on?
  4. pure protien or Unjury?? what do you prefer?

    I don't want to spend any more $ on disgusting protien powders. So I hear good things about Unjury and pure protien. I would appreciate it if you could tell me what your favorite protien powder is. I have no problems with milk.
  5. I got butt sag!!!

    I got out of the car yesterday and went to grab the grocery out of the car with my hubby. I'm walking up the stairs and he was right behind me and says "looks like you got some major butt sag" I almost dropped the bags. He caught my look and said "your pants, there really sagging by your butt"
    Sad as it sounds, that made my day! The stupid scale is still not moving (almost 2 weeks!) So maybe I lost some inches. I just bought a tape measure yesterday so now I can keep track. ...
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