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  1. Made it, to Onederland!!!

    Hello Fellow Sleevers,
    Great News!!!!! I made it !!!!! After hubby and I did our 40min workout this morning ( Exercise, lol). I got on the scale after my shower and it had a very nice 196.8. I was glad to see some of the hard work has started to pay off. My legs and butt are killing me!!!! BUt after I saw that I didn't even care! I feel great, and I am very pleased with this number because I have been stuck at 200 forever. But thank you guys for all the encouragement and support, Also pat ...
  2. Help!! I messed up!

    After he and I disconnected the call, What is the first thing I do? Take off all my clothes , jump in the shower and put on my pajama because I won't be going to the hospital tonight. Then get on here and tell you guys about it. Why? Because its funny as hell I hope all of y'all are getting a good laugh out of this because my husband and I are rolling all over the floor in tears I may add...
  3. Help!! I messed up!

    Ok Guys, I think I messed up. I went to the Dr. yesterday, he was so proud of me. A loss of 31lbs post op(11-15-13 sx date). Good looking food journal, etc. etc. So this morning my hubby is eating breakfast and I walk by and subconsciously ate one of his potatoes (steak size fry). I didn't even realize I did it til I swallowed. I almost had a heart attack. ) It feels stuck, has been that way all morning. I've thrown up 10x's and nothing. So I sent my Dr. a text message because I think I'm going ...
  4. Happy as a mice in a cheese factory!!!

    I'm so happy, I went to my 6wk post op today. My Dr. said he was so proud of me!! I have lost 31lbs since sx date. Woohoo!!! I was worried because I had hit a stall a few weeks ago and had stopped weighing myself and started exercising at a different time of day(from 10am to 7am). I had got the blues for a minute. But you beautiful fellow sleevers showed me so much support and encouragement that was needed and appreciated. Thanks Again!!
    I also stated the T25(Shawn T from Insanity Workout) ...
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