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  1. JLPSch's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing, Linda! I'm so happy when something I share is helpful, especially before you have surgery! I found that surgery is just a part of the changes you need to make as you start your weight loss journey. Best wishes to you on your own story!
  2. Linda51's Avatar
    After reading your blog and the comments of others in the group, it finally hit me that many of us with our "weighty issues" are suffering from control issues. (I'm a little slow sometimes to catch on to the obvious) Thank you so much for lifting the blinders from my eyes before I have my surgery. I think that by being mindful of the things that I can and should control and the things that I can't control, my journey will be easier right out of the gate. Your insight and the insights of others in this group are more valuable to me than you will ever know.
  3. JLPSch's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing, Christie! It really helps to know I'm not alone. Take care!
  4. Christie13's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. I know all too well about the need for being in control and when you can't how much it can take an emotional toll on you. I have worked very hard over the years to let go some and try to relax. I was so obsessive about so many things. When I used to fold laundry it was an agonizing process. People who watched me do it (close friends) would tell me how exhausting it was to watch me do it. They also knew that I would freak out if they tried to "help me". I was so bad that when I had to go to a laundry mat (before I was leaving my old base and all our household items were gone) once I was watching another lady fold her laundry, She did not have the same kind of compulsion as I did and she was doing a very poor job of folding. I had to actually turn my back to her because it was physically making me nauseous to watch her. I have worked so hard to stop doing that. I am so much more relaxed about how I fold my laundry now. I think that is part of my weight issues as well...if I could not be perfect in my food choices then I would swing full blown the opposite direction. Thanks for sharing!
  5. JLPSch's Avatar
    Thanks so much!
  6. TarotAces's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing a link to your blog. I always enjoy reading about your journey.

  7. Christie13's Avatar
  8. JLPSch's Avatar
    Chaya sounds interesting! I'll keep an eye out for it. I do love spinach. I've tried to love kale, but it's just OK.
  9. Shirl's Avatar
    ✨✨✨Love It!✨✨✨

    Have you heard of the new green? It's like spinach on steroids, i can't remember the name right now so I will look it up.

    It's Chaya!!! native to the Yucatan and Guatemala. I first had it in raw juicing and smoothies when I was traveling through the Yucatan a decade ago. I had hope it would take off here, because it was delicious in stews (and in rice and tamales too!).

  10. Shirl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by JLPSch
    That's one of the things I love about my trainer: she adjusts the workout to fit my abilities and needs for the day! Good for you that you keep going!
    I keep investing on my health and I hope the returns are long term dividends ;-)

    Though, I really miss the program and trainers from Austin, TX. It is one of kind program at a fraction of what I paid for 12 sessions. My daughter is doing a cross-fit type group program which I may try after my training sessions are completed.
  11. JLPSch's Avatar
    Thanks, Ann!
  12. Ann2's Avatar
    So cool! Be here now.
  13. JLPSch's Avatar
    Being disengaged is horrible, I agree!
  14. JLPSch's Avatar
    That's one of the things I love about my trainer: she adjusts the workout to fit my abilities and needs for the day! Good for you that you keep going!
  15. Christie13's Avatar
    Being disengaged can absolutely make us feel blah. Glad you were able to get your focus back!
  16. Shirl's Avatar
    I was gardening a few weeks ago and woke up with LBP on a morning I had scheduled a training session, too late to cancel I told him of my woes and pains. We spent one hour working on my legs and gluts. I was walking on air when I left. The next few sessions we continued to work on those core muscles and oh boy! Body was really pushing back!
  17. JLPSch's Avatar
    Thanks! Mindless eating is the worst. It's something I always need to keep an eye on!
  18. Christie13's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. I agree that mindless eating can sneak up on all of us. Glad you got back in tune with your body and soul through this elimination diet and working with your trainer.
  19. JLPSch's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by yolymarie
    Thanks so much!!
  20. yolymarie's Avatar
  21. JLPSch's Avatar
    Thanks! It's fun to look at all photos! Wish I had that wrinkle free face, but not the over permed hair.
  22. Christie13's Avatar
    Great pictures! I can definitely see it's you in your old pic. So cute!
  23. JLPSch's Avatar
  24. Shirl's Avatar
    That's awesome! You still look very much like your younger self.
  25. JLPSch's Avatar
    Thank you for your kind words!!
  26. TarotAces's Avatar
    Thank you for continuing to inspire me.
  27. JLPSch's Avatar
    Thanks! I feel good and finally almost four years later, I believe I can be athletic!
  28. Christie13's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! You are definitely no longer the big girl! You look fabulous! Good luck working that core.
  29. JLPSch's Avatar
    Thanks!! I appreciate it!
  30. Shirl's Avatar
    Totally agreed! Thanks for sharing your story.
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