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  1. Embrace Middle Age!

    So, tomorrow's my 49th birthday and I'm not shy about it. I'm in better health in my 40s than before! Gastric sleeve surgery opened a whole new world to me physically and mentally. Here's my latest post on my Down the Scale blog:


  2. Wedding Anniversary is a Good Reminder

    My hubby and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary this week. We may not be as young, but we definitely more healthy!

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  3. My Journey Began 4 Years Ago!

    It's hard to believe, but my gastric sleeve journey started four years ago with me sharing the news on my blog, Down the Scale. Here's how it all began...


    It's still the best decision I made!
  4. Best Mother's Day Gift

    I hope everyone had a fantastic Mother's Day! One of my favorite gifts are handmade cards from my children. My daughter wrote a wonderful poem in which she called me a runner. I'm so happy my children see me as a healthy person! Here's the whole poem on my Instagram account:


    Have a great week!
  5. 1 Month after My Elimination Diet & New Workout Routine

    I've posted before about the elimination diet and new training program I started a month ago. Here's how it went and what I've learned so far:


    Take care,
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