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  1. Working Body & Mind

    One of the biggest things I've learned since having surgery, that's a mental and physical process. I'm working with a trainer now and I'm learning to trust my body which isn't always easy. Here's my latest story:


    Take care,
  2. Week One of My Elimination Diet

    Well, I survived week one of my elimination and lived to write about it:


    I've learned it's more than a week, it's for a lifetime. Well, part of the diet, but not all. Coffee is always part of my life!
  3. Survived Day 1 of My Elimination Diet

    I shared in a previous post that I'm working on increasing my iron intake and doing an elimination diet. I started yesterday by removing cane sugar, wheat, almonds and dairy out of my diet. I survived and even wrote about it on my blog:


    Wish me luck!
  4. Making Changes When Necessary

    I'm almost four years out for surgery, but I still find it necessary and important to change things up. I haven't been feeling 100% these past few months and I finally decided to do something about it. I'm sharing my story at my blog at:


    What changes have you been making since you've had surgery?

    Best wishes,
  5. Sing it with me, "Just Keep Swimming"

    If you're like me, you need new activities to keep motivated on your weight loss journey. I've added swimming this year. Here's my story at my blog:


    Hope you're finding new ways to keep motivated!
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