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  1. Sing it with me, "Just Keep Swimming"

    If you're like me, you need new activities to keep motivated on your weight loss journey. I've added swimming this year. Here's my story at my blog:


    Hope you're finding new ways to keep motivated!
  2. Adding New Activities to My Life

    One of the things I love about my life after surgery is the new things I'm willing to try. Last weekend it was tubing! Here's a quick video I made about it on my personal blog:

    Have you tried anything new this year?
  3. First Run of the New Year

    I'm finally get back on track after the holidays? How about you? It's not always easy, but I'm actually happy to get back to an exercise routine. I always feel better after I exercise.

    Here's my take on it on my blog: https://downthescale.com/2017/01/10/...he-right-foot/

    Hope everyone's new year is going well!
  4. No to Resolutions, Yes to Re-Committments

    A few years back, I decided to skip with New Year's Resolutions. I find they put so much pressure on me. Instead I go with re-committing myself to a healthy and positive lifestyle. Here's what I wrote about it last year:


    How's your New Year going?
  5. Workout Friends

    Having just moved to a new area, I was worried if I would find new running buddies. Fortunately I met one new person so far who is going to be my workout buddy at the Y. I shared my latest story on my blog at:


    I found once I become serious about losing weight, exercising, and living healthy it was important to find like-minded people. Have you found the same during your journey? I'd love ...
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