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  1. we have a walker

    so Thanks be to God the stomach flu has been eradicated from my house!!!! Also came home from working 6:30-3 & the baby took about 6 steps on his own!!!! My baby's growing up too fast for me!!
  2. Stomach flu 2017

    well its been awhile since I've been here. Christmas was great then that night I got the flu & was sick the entire break! Regular flu. Start back to work Jan 3 & everything is going great. Take both my sons to their check ups after work & 2 days later my 13mo old starts vomiting & diarreah. Back to dr. He then basically tells me I brought him in too soon & its not a reaction from his vaccines. Okay take him home & by 9 that night he's vomited 5 times. Call him & he apologizes ...
  3. it's my 40th tomorrow

    so tomorrow is my 40th birthday!!! Alot has changed for me since I started this sleeve journey. I'm 3yrs out & I never got to my original gw. But that's okay because I realize now that original gw was probably unrealistic for my body. it was 130lb. I'm 5'3" & I got down to my lw in my adult life of 157lb. Then I got pregnant out of the blue! Surprise baby indeed!!! My oldest is 13 & baby is now 10mo. I gained around 40lb w/ my pregnancy because I stopped going to the gym & gave ...
  4. 19 years and counting

    so my husband & I just had our 19th wedding anniversary on Tuesday. There's alot going on w/ my family medically lately & our day didn't go like we had hoped for. My sister has been having alot of gallbladder attacks & had a scope done & she needs to have it removed. My mom who is 70 had the three of us kids down to her house to conference call w/ her heart dr. She's having a catherization this tuesday to see how many arteries are blocked. So we all knew about this but the dr informed ...
  5. post tubal update

    oh yeah before I forget! Had my post tubal appt w/ my ob & he told me it was a really good thing my son came naturally because if we would have had the c-section like we had planned on I most likely would have died!!! From my first c section (12 years prior) My bowels had adhered to my abdominal wall & he would have cut into them if I had had a c section again! Also I had so much scar tissue built up he literally had to snake through to get to my tubes. He told me I definitely had someone ...
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