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  1. Bad mood and just feeling craby 🦀 😶

    I'm just in a funk. I don't know how to get out of it.

    I can't seem to get it together! I was doing great for a few days trying to get back on a routine.

    Yesterday I decided to go get a mani pedi before going to the gym to workout, the nail spa is near gym, but it backfired. I just wanted polish removed and cuticles trimmed and cleaned. It took forever and the guy cut me too close in two fingers (which are still hurting.) I just wanted my nails to breath for a while ...
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  2. Letting it go

    I've been accused of being an angry person. I've had to think about it because I didn't think I was angry at all but I realize that I am. I "need" to let it go but I don't "want" to. I "need" this anger to drive me.

    As some of you who've read my comments know, I've suffered from Myasthenia Gravis for about 12 years now. My weight gain was due to this disease, coupled with the various types of medication that I was on and also bad food choices. ...
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  3. Second supervised diet appointment/thyroid crap

    I saw my PCP on Tuesday and I lost 5 pounds. She wasn't as excited I was because my thyroid levels are not where she wants them to be so she didn't even mention the weight. I mentioned before that I am a thyroid cancer survivor ( follicular to be exact) and my hormone replacement have been the biggest pain ever since I was diagnosed 5 years ago.
    So when I was pregant with my second son I discovered that I kept losing my voice and I wasn't screaming very much but I did notice a large lump ...
  4. Judgement.

    I'm 23 days out from surgery and have only told my parents, brother, husband, 2 friends and my boss. (Oh, and you guys, if anyone is reading!) I'm really torn about this, but I think it's the best thing to do.

    On one hand, if it's a positive thing, a GOOD thing, then why am I keeping it a secret? Oh, that's right, because I've been judged all my life. When you're fat, you're ALWAYS judged. Examples...

    I went to the gym and heard people talk about me behind my back. ...
  5. 10 months on, and an stuck in an epic stall

    Ok.. not really an epic stall, but my weight loss is so so painfully slow...

    I blame my lack of exercise for it.. end of the year, 12 hours work daily, I even forget to take my meals when work gets busy and I am suffering a lot from it.. mentally and physically. The doctor even suggested I change jobs! Oh, if only it was that easy... if only.

    have to put more effort into it. Be it Zumba, swimming, and what not. They're asking me to buy protein drinks so that I have ...
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