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  1. Does Post Op Gas affect you on the airplane trip home?

    I know this is a really odd or wierd question, but has the post op gas from surgery that may still be in your system bother you when you are taking off and landing in the airplane when you are headed home?
    I leave for Mexico on Friday, with surgery on Saturday, Oct 8th. I'm sooooo excited, and ready, but a little nervous.
  2. Packing & preparing for my journey to Mexico!

    Can't believe it's 1 1/2 sleeps until I go to the airport and say goodbye to the end of my life as a 'fat chick'. Gotta' be there soooo early - 7 AM international flights suck...I'm worried about luggage getting lost by United when we change planes, worried about security saying I can't bring something I pack, how I'm going to keep liquid & protein intake going during a long travel day, etc...you know - those little moments I am over analyzing in my head without any need to. They will work ...
  3. Tues. (normally monday) Blog #4

    Wow! Where do I start?

    I spoke with my dad yesterday about the surgery and he actually told me he would prefer me to try some kind of new pill that magically takes away body fat b/4 I decide on having my surgery. I was like WTF? Seriously? He told me it was safer and I wouldn't have to change my life style. Ok, now I'm pissed. I explained to him that instead of taking a pill for the rest of my life that could cause cancer, or any number of issues b/c it has not been evaluated by FDA, ...
  4. 2 Weeks until Surgery

    Had my Pre-Op appointment today. I am now on my liquid. I made my first shake tonight it was pretty good. Just hope i can do it 4 times a day. I am looking for some great recipes from anyone. I don't like crystal light so it kind of makes it limited for me with different smoothies. The count down is ticking away until surgery day.
  5. weightloss

    im starting to see the weight coming off in certain places everywhere else except my face i still have all the chins is this the last place that loses the weight