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  1. Day 4, Pre-Op Diet...

    Today is a good day!
    I haven't been as cranky or moody or emotional as the previous days. I can even vouch that I feel better, not as tired as before the whole 10 day liquid diet started. Hardest thing, is having to cook dinner for my family (I have 3 boys 12yrs, 8yrs, 19m old). Yesterday, I told my husband he might as well get in there and do it himself. Today, I will cook dinner, and drink some soup while they chow down.
    Hardest thing, getting all my carbs in (daily amount is
  2. Birthday Help!

    Next month is my mom's 50th birthday. What do I do about cake? For that matter, what do I do for my own birthday cake? Any suggestions?
  3. Tired!

    I wake up in the morning feeling great, but it is now afternoon and I am exhausted. Will this go away before I have to go to work in a week? HELP!
  4. Anyone here have Blue Shield

    Okay I've done my homework, I checked with insurance [LIST=1]
    before even going to a meeting, to see if I'm covered I them the procedure
    Code and diagnosis code and yup I'm covered feww. So now I've done
    All required items from my dr.s check list... How long will it take
    To hear from insurance now..... The dr. office said out could be weeks or days
    So annoying feel like a sitting duck. Ill give it a week then I'll check in
    With insurance dept. At dr. office. ...
  5. Day two liquid diet...

    Im not liking this liquid diet!!!! I am STARVING!!!!