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  1. I want my points!!!!

    No, I'm not talking about Weight Watchers (got some of you laughing!). I'm talking about the scale thingy you see at the bottom of our posts that shows your starting weight along with how much weight you have lost. Well everytime I go to enter my weight (with one decimal), it cuts off the decimal value when I save. So one day I could be 282.9 and the next day I be 282.1. To me that's worth running around in circles in the bathroom butt naked (yeah, you do it too!). But the thingy will show the ...
  2. Insurance headaches

    So now I hear today, I have to have a 12 month diet diary or log by a supervised diet and a letter of recommendation from my doctor and a psych eval. I am getting stressed out..
  3. How much??

    I am curious to hear your responses; at 8 weeks out how much solid food were/are you eating? I am worried that I am not eating enough (whoa; I NEVER imagined myself saying that!). My concern is that I have been exhausted for days! Any advice or ideas would be appreciated!
  4. Wow!!! Its time

    Its here, I leave for the airport in 3 hours. I must say I did not sleep well last night, my stomach is full of butterflies, my head is full of silly thoughts. Maybe that's way I have been feverishly working to get things in order this week you would think I wasn't coming back. I have no idea why, I am a three time cancer survivor, if God got through that this is a walk in the park. Maybe its because I doing this alone, and away from home, don't know... I am very excited that I have managed to loose ...
  5. Something wrong with me

    Hi everyone,

    I am 2 1/2 weeks out from surgery and I still can't eat any pureed foods. How will I be able to do soft foods when I can do pureed foods.