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  1. Less than 2 weeks till surgery!

    Man I can't believe it is so soon now when it seemed so very far and almost was refused. I am on the liquid diet and will be happy when it is done and know I will never have to feel this hungry again. There is so much on my mind and so much I am looking forward to. I can't wait to just feel good and healthy, to not feel so hungry, to lose the weight, to not be restricted from doing things because I am to heavy, to wear shorts and a bathing suit and not want to hide and to shop wherever the heck ...
  2. "Successful Weight Loss with the Gastric Sleeve" by Dr. Guillermo Alverez

    I just wanted to to recommend this book to all of you. My Bariatric Hospital in Warren, MI recommended it to all of it's patients. It has the latest info on the Sleeve and is great for pre and post surgery. I found it to be very informative and it is written very well. It takes you through all the stages of the pre and post surgery diets, life after and has a good Q & A section. I have not seen anything else written that is so specific as to our need for information on the Sleeve.
  3. Day 2 Post Op...

    Besides feeling groggy and sore, all is good.
    I have a lot of pain in my shoulders and under my diaphragm from having the gas put in during the procedure (you know, they blow you up like a balloon so they can see everything during a laproscopic procedure). Hurts to get up from laying down. Overall not so bad. If I compare it to my previous surgical experience, c-sections, its about the same amount of pain.
    Do I have nausea? I didn't have any after surgery. I did, however, hurt from
  4. How much should I have lost?

    Im just curious.....I am 28 days post-op and have lost around 34 pounds......is that normal or should I have lost more? I know everyone is different, but what has it been like for everyone else? Also, when I went to the DR for a check up, I was talking with the nurses about my weight varies from day to day a few pounds, they said I should not be gaining any weight at all.....
  5. 3 Month requirement done

    Hi Everyone
    Ok so hit my 3 month requirement for my insurance company on July 29th. The nurse said that my paperwork was ready for submission and I should hopefully have an answer by my next appointment 8/23/11. I am so nervous and afraid. I have all these questions going through my head like, what if I get denied, or what if I missed something. I pray that I get approved. I need this so badly. One more week.