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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am new to the group, will be having my surgery June 21, 2011 in Sebastian Florida. I have heard the "gas" pains are very painful after surgery, Can anyone share their experience?
  2. OT - Need your prayers please

    I was majorly disappointed when I learned that my surgery was cancelled for June 18th because my surgeon was away for the month. I was about to lose it if another person told me that maybe this was a "blessing in disguise". Well... to make a long story short it is a blessing as I doubt that my current emotional state could handle any kind of surgery right now.

    I am begging you all for your prayers as I wait for my youngest son to be returned to me. My ex-husband took him ...
  3. Mil Air

    well, I was trying to sneak out a little early, but the flight from Mosul to Kuwait was cancelled to day! Damn it all I still have thur, fri, sat & SUNDAY if I really need it
  4. The Times They Are A Changin (9)

    Written May 18th, 2011

    Today marks 4 months since I have had my bariatric sleeve surgery... I remember so many times before surgery, I would wonder on "where I'd be" ~ 3 months from now, or one year later. Would this surgery really change my life, could I really obtain goals/dreams I've wanted all my life ~ or would they forever remain an elusive dream?! To say my body is undergoing a shape-shift, would be an understatement. I can barely keep up with the changes I now notice ...
  5. Spring Blessings (8)

    Written April 21, 2011

    Springtime Is The Land Awakening.... The April Winds Are The Morning Yawn

    I just love spring, it awakens all your senses and renews ones spirit after such a long, grey winter. As I walk around my yard and notice the first buds appearing on our trees, it reminds me of myself. Just as this tree is starting a new, fresh season, so am I. So many changes happening within my body, in so little time… that it is just fascinating.