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  1. Yep, here it comes... the 'WHAT HAVE I DONE' phase...

    I sure hope this is just a phase!

    So this is day FOUR, since I've had my drain removed and I'm stuck in bed. I mean literally. My daughter has a fever and my husband is ready to make a run for it, I can tell I have toughness the surrounding area where the drain was and I think it may be trying to get infected. It hurts to walk, stand, move, cough... I got up at 8 this morning and was back in bed from 1-6.

    Called the emergency nurse for antibiotics and more pain ...
  2. Baby Boomers Unite!

    Check out the new group I started!! C'mon all you Baby Boomers...lets get something going!! :cool:
  3. Would like some feedback

    I am on week 4 (Soft Foods) and I am wondering if I am eating too much. Example from yesterday:

    Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with a very small amount of ketchup, 1 piece of whole wheat toast with margarine

    Lunch: 1 Turkey Burger on whole wheat toast with Mustard

    Dinner: 1 Talapia Filet Baked with lemon pepper and margarine, about 7 sliced canned carrots and 4 small spoon fulls of mashed potato's.

    Snack: 1 Sugar Free Cherry Popsicle ...
  4. 4 months!!

    Well I have made it! Four months still doing great 60 pounds down! I feel great! I do notice my hair thinning that worries me like no other!! Ira still hard for me to eat something's like chicken it can feel stuck but it could just be me not chewing enough... I know I need to just increase my protein the only problem I have with the protein is I seem to only like one from the smoothies king and the closest one to me is 4 and a half hours away! So when I am out it can be tough. I feel better ...
  5. 1 Day Post Op...

    One day post op. and knock on wood..it went perfect. I got home from the hospital a few hours ago feeling pretty darm good. I thought the lap band surgery was way more difficult. Yes, I have the pain/heartburn that I beleive every experiences, but other than that.. I'm pleased. Just so you know, I too was freaking out about the surgery. I had nightmares & even postponed it once!

    The surgery took less than 2 hours total. I went in slighty before 10:00 am and woke up at 12:30 p,m. ...