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  1. Back in my size 6 jeans

    Had my surgery sleeve on Oct 5, lost almost 13 pounds already from the 25 lbs I had gained when they took my band out in August.. I tried my jeans on and WOW, they fit just like they used to...I'm so happy with this sleeve, I can eat everything I want but just much,much smaller portions...I thought having the band was great, but this beats them all.....I'm back to my old self again, happy, happy happy....
  2. Fish in a bag. Nicer than it sounds. :)

  3. The time is now

    Getting ready to change my life.. UM.. at 41 weighing in a 280 and only 5' 8".

    A lot of thoughts going thru my head - what can I eat? will I be hungry? What happens if I eat too much..
  4. i was hoping...

    i was hoping i'd be fine since i got out in the hospital and sipping soups and water and walking took a bath do stuffs but i was wrong...i walked like 5 mins and i could hardly breathe... and i got weak and feel dizzy...and my wound is starting to sore so bad...the pain is tolerable so i didnt take any meds... i always pee...i was so happy yesterday i pooped already... but today, im feeling bad...i cant wait for the day when i feel better...i kept on praying for my fast recovery...
  5. Weird day

    So today is day 3 of liquids and im 4 weeks out dr put me on liquids becuase i have been throwing up today was a bad day all around just not feeling well all day been doin protein shakes and soup but woke up this morning just really naseous and yucky called work today was day #4 back to work and told them id b in at 2 instead of 12 next time i feel like that will take the whole day off got to work and was dizzy and had a headache and very naseous and shaky i work in a pharmacy and my boss made me ...