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  1. Accountability

    I feel fat. I have gained about 10 pounds back, and I feel sick about it. Some in my life said I look better with these 10 pounds and I was too thin. But...I see it as failing. I want to lose the 10 pounds again. I am about 1.5 years out, and I am happy with my weight loss, but I wonder if I am not meant to ever be done losing weight. Even when those 10 pounds were off...I was planning on losing 10 more. (I don't like that the BMI chart says I am overweight...those 10 pounds would put me as regular) ...
  2. Loving my sleeve, loving myself!

    Today was no wind and my run was FANTASTIC!! I actually felt really in my groove during the running portions. Don't get me wrong, I am nowhere near ready to run 5K straight, but I am doing really well on my running parts. I felt fine even in the final 5 minute run. I had good pace and rhythm for my running parts.
    So I have felt like I have been eating a ton the last few days. Must be mental because I lost another pound. I think I am losing a pound every 3-5 days from what I can tell. ...
  3. Adding New Activities to My Life

    One of the things I love about my life after surgery is the new things I'm willing to try. Last weekend it was tubing! Here's a quick video I made about it on my personal blog:

    Have you tried anything new this year?
  4. tomorrow is surgery!

    Starting to get worried. Hoping I am making the right decision
  5. One year Post-op

    I met my lovely team on Saturday. I basically spent my entire Saturday morning at the hospital going from the surgeon's office to the lab for blood test, then the nut. I also had a nice chat with my "coordinator" nurse she said I looked amazing and was wondering why I didn't lose more hair !I told her about the Keratin powder to hide my thin spots...she didn't know about it and will share it with other patients! great!!

    My surgeon was extremely happy about my results he ...