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  1. 6 weeks post opp doing great


    MY surgery was 1/18/17. Down 48 lbs from hw
    Someone suggested I try compression sleeves to help with my arm flab, has anyone tried this. I work out with weights but my arm wings are flapping
  2. Sleeve doesn't fix your problems!!

    So I went to my companies bowl-a-thon last night! I had a great time with friends but I did have to learn the hard way that the sleeve does NOT fix your problems. Even with the weight loss I am a TERRIBLE bowler!! LOL. Although the people on my team sucked too so I was not alone in that. Most people were just there to support a good cause (Veteran Homelessness) and have fun. And really, that is all that matters!

    Today it is raining its butt off so after running my errands ...
  3. F**king Stalls!

    Quote Originally Posted by zmdh39 View Post
    I saw this info that another member had posted on a thread and figured I would start a thread with that info so people who are experiencing these dreaded stalls, might be able to breathe a little easier. I hope this helps, and thank you to the member who originally posted it! Weight Loss Stall or Plateau

    Weight Loss Stall or Plateau

    A weight loss stall or plateau is an extended period of time during reducing efforts where is there is no weight loss according
  4. 8 months

    Its been 8 months out from my sleeve. everything is really going good, I am a slow looser and think that is working in my favor, I was 320 hw, 298 sw, 244 cw, 180 gw. my dr. and nut are happy with how things are going, I have noticed the skin is a little sagging in areas but I think upping my work outs will help. Still loving my sugar free ice pops, and now have not really gotten any better with meat, still cant handle any hambuger or beef really, chicken I can do but fish is still my go ...
  5. Weight gain. Feeling down.

    Hello Sleevers. I haven't been online for quite a while. I am so disappointed in myself. I have gain back 35lbs over 2 years. Things have taken a toll on my life. I lost my mother almost 2 years ago and went into a depression. My mom died of Diabetes complications. Just found out 3 days ago my sister is borderline diabetic. I decided to come back to a place where I felt loved and support. My husband is very supportive but it's a different relationship talking to someone who knows exactly what you ...