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  1. Questions for the Surgeon

    I meet with my surgeon for the first time on Wednesday, July 13th. What questions do you all recommend I ask?

  2. Four years!

    I've been meaning to do an update on my blog about my four year surgery anniversary, but life interrupted! We're moving for the second time in less than a year so life is crazy to say the least. I did post a quick update at https://downthescale.com/2017/07/10/...4-year-update/

    Here's a side by side from pre-surgery to this year. Four years later I still believe it's the best thing I've done! My journey hasn't been a straight line, but I'm proud of how far I've come and where ...
  3. So how are my fellow 2013 sleevers doing!

    Hey everyone, long time no see. Well it's five years and I'm still feeling fabulous with the exception of maybe 15 pounds that I gained, but I do know that I am in control of this ship and I know what to do to get rid of those pounds, enjoying life to the fullest and hope you all are too!
  4. Very Hungry

    Hi! My surgery date was June 19th, by June 30 I was able to start eating solid foods, like scramble egg whites and avocado. I'm very worried that my stomach will stretch again. I can't help being hungry and feeling weak. Is anyone else experiencing the same thing? I really want to succeed, but it's been very hard. I also get very anxious.....
  5. People are so rude

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    This right here is one of the reasons why gaining any weight is painful for me. I post a fun picture of me with my granddaughter, and suddenly I'm "showing off my girls" just because I've gained a few pounds and they're out of control again. Why is it that anyone with breasts is considered showing off their tits when they put on a bathing suit, but anyone else is just wearing a bathing suit? God, it annoys ...