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  1. Done to the wire

    Well I am scheduled for the 22nd and just got a call my white blood cells are high so now have to go see my reg doc to get a clearance before my surgery. I think I just have a sinus infection and hope this goes smoothly. But now I will be in panic mode until after my appointment on Monday :-( bleh. Fingers crossed!!
  2. 50 Grams of Protien Shake! Tasty! Premier Protien.

    Hi Everyone!

    I just wanted to share something I made today.
    a 50 gram protein shake that tastes REALLY GOOD!!

    If you love the Premier Protein Shakes like I do, then this is for you!

    I took one scoop of the new High Protein Slimfast Mix 20 gram protein and instead of using Milk I mixed in one Chocolate Premier Protein Shake.

    I'm only drinking 1 of these a day

    1 scoop is 110 calories and the Premier is 160 = 270 ...
  3. Surgery Time!!


    I am flying out tomorrow morning to Mexico..Surgery is Friday and I'm so nervous & scared. I'm going alone and staying in the hospital for a total of three days (private room). A driver picks me up at the airport and takes me back..my coordinator assures me that half the people go alone and it's totally fine..I still can't help but be a little scared..I could have taken a friend but she couldn't go until December and I'm just ready to get it over with...please say a prayer ...
  4. Hi

    Quote Originally Posted by Ambersnewlife View Post
    Hi I'm Amber & my surgery is scheduled for Nov 22nd just started my pre-op diet. I'm excited and scared to start this new journey.
  5. Chronic Back Pain since surgery.

    After some research on other gastric sleeve sites, I have found others have experienced this upper back and beck pain I have since surgery. Can any other my vets here say how they control their pain? I am so desperate.

    I am almost 3-years out. I have had several cordisone injections done from mid back to my neck, and am now on Cymbalta. The shots worked on all but one muscles in the back--the worst one. And, after 6 months the Cymbalta is not working much on pain. At first it was ...