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  1. Also...

    I totally started my period on the day I was having surgery. I texted my friend who used to be theatre bariatric nurse and she was like 'Holy shit, you are such a midwife'!!!
    Paper knickers. It's all cool, theatre can cope with this.
    So, don't be worrying about your cycle! :-)
  2. Keeping it real!

    So, day 4 and I've cried 4 times. Last night I had pain around 1 am and thats usually in the hospital when they would give me tablets. So anyway, because i'm home now I wasn't keen on having morphine, so I just had paracetemol and was awake for a while, and in the morning I wished i had just taken a stronger one.

    So I sat at the kitchen table and cried, while the doc did comforting reassurance and a quiet chat about how adequate pain relief can be a wonderful thing. I try to avoid ...
  3. I need help

    I need help getting back on track. I have fallen off track and cant get back. I am gaining and its just so frustrating
  4. Fat Guy in the Room

    For the past 52 years Iíve been the fat guy in the room. I donít really know if thatís what people thought about me but it was how I felt. I always tried to be funny and crack jokes at my expense but I was never comfortable in my own skin. Over the past 9 months I have lost 119 pounds. Iím no longer the fat guy in the room. But I still feel like I am. I look in the mirror and think who is this guy? I love the way my body is changing and I hope at some point in time my mind changes as well. I donít ...
  5. Daily post

    Well, I'm nearly into the 2 week count down mode.
    I've looked in the wardrobe, thinking how great it'll be to get rid of these big clothes and buy new ones. My clothes are so daggy. I'm not wearing saggy baggy black track pants ever again.
    I've just come in from the garden, trying to get it ready for summer, putting mulch down.
    Again, I've come in stuffed and sweaty. Just thinking it'll be so much easier with the extra weight off.
    I won't miss the excess under the boob ...