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  1. Workout Friends

    Having just moved to a new area, I was worried if I would find new running buddies. Fortunately I met one new person so far who is going to be my workout buddy at the Y. I shared my latest story on my blog at:


    I found once I become serious about losing weight, exercising, and living healthy it was important to find like-minded people. Have you found the same during your journey? I'd love ...
  2. Still obese

    So I've lost quite a bit of weight from before surgery until now. I'm halfway to my goal (more or less). I have to lose 15 lbs to leave obese and just be overweight. I keep looking at myself and I don't see it anymore. I feel great. I know I'm not thin but I can't see the obese person anymore. I know I still have weight to lose and I'm determined to get there. But still obese? Am I the only one feeling like this? It's like the opposite of when anorexic people see themselves as fat. I see ...
  3. Any Advice: Mysterious back pain 3 years out advice. See the doc tomorrow

    Any advice will be helpful. I will see my normal doc and the new local gastric sleeve surgeon. Before surgery I never had back pain. Now it is a daily battle. I have seen a physical therapist, working on strength training, and done anything suggested.

    Tomorrow I plan on asking about MRI's and anything else. I also plan to ask the surgeon what may have caused it. Do you guys know anything?

    Triggers: eating til full, eating sweets, sitting too long, standing too long, ...
  4. I'm stuck

    My weight is stuck, but I feel like I'm still losing weight. I guess I need to stop watching the scale.
    I still can't eat much in the way of real food. For now I am living off the nutrients I get from items I drink and popsicles. I did not know how good they can be.
    I think I want too much too fast. I want the weight to vanish and I want to be able to eat. I was hoping I could eat part of Christmas dinner, but it looks like I'll be observing from a far.

    At what point ...
  5. Tough lesson to learn...

    So I'm still here at my parent's house and today we had an open house for friends and family to come by and say to us all. So of course there is all kinds of goodies...sugar cookies, Chex mix, pumpkin spice bread, punch, etc and it smelled delicious. Don't worry, I stayed good and didn't snitch even once! This was especially hard when I had to make frosting for the sugar cookies...I hated it! I am the baker in my family and when it comes to frosting, it's all done by taste. I had such a hard time ...