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  1. Surving

    Well I have not been on for awhile. I am been going through test and they think my esophagus is damaged should know October 28. If the test comes back normal then we will make a decision on what is next. I have lost 94 pounds in 5 months they have scheduled me with plastic surgery I lost so fast my body is breaking down. They have never had someone this soon need a full body lift. I have not made my mind up to wait or do it. I have days when I am so depressed. I eat anti nausea medicine just to ...
  2. Take the leap

    So I did it. I just took the leap and committed to the sleeve. I booked it with Dr. Ariel Ortiz in Mexico! So crazy, I know, but after going through 3 months of working with my insurance co and still being told it would be at least 3-6 more months, another Dr. visit, and nearly $2,000 more and I could have it done locally. So my legs are tired of jumping through hoops and I took the leap. A coworker did this not too long ago and she loved the experience so here I go. My date is scheduled for ...
  3. 5-Month Sleeversary

    Trying to stay positive and looking at the bright side has taken me extra effort this month. Scale just did not want to budge the first couple of weeks, then I lost, regained during my moon, and lost again this week. So hopefully next month I will know what to expect and not beat myself over it.

    I am on week 6 of my 12-week Get Fit program, I have had to miss a few workouts due to unexpected home repairs, but I made them up on my own by going to the gym and hitting the weight room. ...
  4. Ugh! Just ugh!

    I talked to my mother last night, yep, that evil lady from my last blog post. We didn't discuss anything from last week. She wanted to know who my surgeon was because she forgot his name, oh and to let me know that my dad is having this surgery next week - one week from today. Oh my God!!! My dad is probably going to die. Not even kidding.

    Some of you may remember how sick I was when I had my surgery two years ago. I had constant vomiting for the first year, multiple hospital stays, ...
  5. Meeting my surgeon within a week!!!

    I am so happy, walking on cloud 9!!! Had my last nutritionist meeting today and the surgeons are open for appts ASAP. I was told originally that upon finishing my appts it would take 3 to 4 weeks to get to my surgeon appt. but today she said within a week!!!
    Also I would like to share
    Watch Why Choose EMMC for the surgical weight loss program.

    I am confident to be in good hands 🙌