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  1. WOW! What a weekend!

    I walked nearly 4 miles on Saturday! Sunday we worked in our garden to get things planted. Before surgery, neither of these things would I have been able to do. This year, not only could I physically do it, but I enjoyed it! I've never been able to help my hubby with the garden, so I'm very excited to help and enjoy the literal fruits and veggies of my labor
  2. My journey to a healthier lifestyle.

    Yesterday was my first day on my pre-op diet and I was surprised how well it went. After the protein shakes I thought I would be very hungry but it turned out not to be the case. I had many visits to the bathroom due to the laxative I was asked to take, but managed to get there on time. (No accident)
    Today was my second day dieting and I am doing well so far, not having any hunger pangs. However I find it hard to drink all that water, constantly in need of a bathroom. It's very difficult ...
  3. Hating Exercise ;(

    I'm 16 day post-op and I k now I need to be walking doing some kind of exercise to keep my metabolism going and keep the pounds coming off. But I hate it!! Anyone else have this same struggle and are you afraid you wont lose weight unless you exercise?
  4. 6 months later and 75lb gone forever

    wow what a journey, its been great i have some up and down days but all in all i am so happy i did this for myself.
    lots of ppl are now noticing how healthy i am looking i am feeling better and finding getting around a lot more less stressful.
    my friends call me the fading lady lol but that's ok i am fine with that.
    my belly is still there well it feels like it to me and my boobs god i cant wait to see less of them lol any good ideas on ways to focus weight loss in particular ...
  5. Someone on this site erased my blogs...

    My blogs about my sleeve experience with Dr. Alvarez is gone...all of them. Something is not right here.