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  1. 2nd Thoughts-Confused-SKIT-Mind Warp-Need guidance

    ok, ok, I know this sounds a bit wacko, but I am contemplating not having the surgery. Ming Warp-Skit

    The little devil/pretending to be an angel on my shoulder is telling me, that this is too drastic, I am not that heavy, just a little exercise and really concentrate on dieting, give it truly your best effort, you have a large frame and a lot of lean mass and watch you will be fine with no potential for complications, no risks, you can still smoke, you can decide to eat whatever whenever-cheat ...
  2. 15 days and counting.....picked up my shots today

    Picked up my shots today. It's some type of blood thinner that she gives patients. Two shots...a day in belly fat
    Not thrilled but I could be on insulin shots forever, do a small price to pay
    I looked at the needles, they don't look to big. Too bad I can't just open wide and squirt the medicine in my mouth.
  3. Fat again

    Quote Originally Posted by p.bovis View Post
    Well I had the sleeve about 3 years ago, went from 280 to 180 , now I have gained back 25 lbs. I dont know what to do, I'm so piss at myself, Help Please
  4. Tomorrow's the start of the one week countdown

    I'm scared, excited, nervous, hopeful, anxious, willing and ready!! Tomorrow starts the first day of my liquid only diet and I'm starting to feel like this is really happening now. It's been 6 months in the making and I can't believe in 8 days I'll be sleeved. I've made some positive changes in my behaviour over the past several months but I'm thinking I should have done more. I've learned a lot so hopefully that counts because starting tomorrow, I'll have to really apply everything I've learned ...
  5. Trading One Addiction, For Another

    Word of warning, this is going to go deep into my feelings. I’ve given a lot of thought to this topic and I ask for no judgment. Not that I would care if you do. I wouldn’t even know because you are sitting behind a computer screen or phone.

    I have/had a long term, intimate relationship with food. I love to be around food all the time. I constantly think of my next move with food, ‘What is for dinner?’ or ‘I should ask Brian what we are doing for dinner’, which that is practically ...