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  1. its a boy!

    so pregnancy update: I'm 15wks 4 days now & we found out the baby"s healthy & a boy!!!! We are thrilled & so Thankful to God for this little miracle! The first blood screening came back negative for cp & downs & I just had another blood test yesterday for spinabifida. Exhausted mentally & physically from working 6 days a week for 10 hrs every day on my feet. We're on week 2 of 8 weeks of summer camp & we are severely short staffed so none of us regulars get a day ...
  2. old habits

    HI, I am about a year and a half out of surgery and found that at six months in my old habits have taken hold of me again. I am depressed and gained back some weight and really am having a hard time motivating myself to get back on track. Any suggestions I would appreciate.
  3. almost there

    Well I sitting in my hotel room ready for surgery tomorrow. I had a great dinner, swam, and just took the tiny pill to calm my nerves. I am mostly nervous because I lied to my parents. I am 38 years old and finally in charge of my own life. I knew my mom would not ever come to terms with Mexico...even though I was well researched. BUT now I feel just awful that I am having surgery in a foreign country tomorrow and my parents have no clue. I might call them afterwards and come clean....or maybe I ...
  4. I think I can....

    Quote Originally Posted by culpepperbaker View Post
    Thank you My husband and daughters are so supportive. My oldest daughter,16 yrs, and my husband are going to give it a try with me Bless em for trying....we will see how long they make it...HaHaHa
    All of your comments are so encouraging and help to fuel me through. That and the thought of an all new wardrobe
  5. My journey.....The beginning

    Hello everyone, this is going to be my first blog entry. I have a lot to say about my journey. I am a week behind but am going to take it step by step until I am current. OK here it goes.

    First and foremost let me say to anyone who thinks bariatric surgery is the answer to all of our weight problems or that it is the easy way out, you are completely wrong! Please do your research or talk to someone who has been through any type of bariatric surgery. This really is a journey and takes ...