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  1. 3 months down and I think I am not eating enough....Help

    I think I am not eating enough..I havent really been tracking and really didnt want to. I did this surgery because I didnt want to diet anymore and I refuse too. I have lost 38 pounds to date, I wasnt required to do a pre op diet and lost 25 pounds the first month, 9 the second month and 4 this month. Been riding my bike for exercise and getting as much fluids in as I can.. I just cant seem to eat that much and dont want to force...I did make some egg salad and whole wheat toast for breakfast this ...
  2. Sneezing!!!

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this? EVERY time I eat, it makes me sneeze. For the first month or so after surgery, my nose would run when I ate. Now it's progressed to sneezing. Am I the only one experiencing this? And does anyone know why this happens? Just so curious about it!
  3. Stretching stomach back to normal......

    Hello Everyone...........

    I was wondering if its possible to stretch your stomach back out. I have noticed im able to eat way more than i was able to consume before. Its kinda scary because im always hungy.. then when i eat im amazed at how much i can eat before my tummy tells me im full.
    Is this normal???
    Has anyone else experienced this???
    Is this part of the healing process???
  4. 1 week post op and lost 6lbs. Is this normal?

    Can someone share their 1 week post op experience? I am only drinking cream of soups, premium protein shake, and water. I am drinking about 35 to 40 ounces of liquid and eating between 260 to 360 calories. I was expecting to lose more weight.
  5. can't get on track

    Ever since I went on vacation I've been way off track with my eating I'm not gaining but I'm not losing and I can't get it under control Idk what to do I feel as out of control as I was before surgery has anyone gone through this and how'd you get back on track