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  1. Post Op Day 14

    Have lost a total of 16 pounds!
    Feeling better every day and since my wounds are scabbed over, I plan to go into the pool tomorrow and get more stretching and walking in with relief from the 100 degree weather!
    The bloating and gas pains are completely gone, and I sleep very well.
    I advanced to full liquids with some soft, like Malt o Meal.
    Still not taking vitamins regularly as they tend to upset my stomach.
    Have noticed a slight annoying cough at times and though
  2. It's been a while.. 1month and 4 days Post op! :)

    Haven't updated in a while, so thought id do that today, i am doing well so far, I am so grateful for going through with the surgery, it has been one of the best decisions of my life, sure the first few days were quite scary and i even regretted it the day after the surgery, as i could just sip on water and clear fluids, i thought..was this really worth it? How am i going to do this? having second thoughts and so on.. but after i got home to London from Brussels, i was over the moon! Can't ...
  3. FINALLY - Broke into the 150s!

    I've been at an almost 4 week stall since week 3, even though I continued to lose inches, my weight stayed at 162-161 for WEEKS. Finally this morning I'm 158lbs at about 6 1/2 weeks post op. (starting at 193)

    Here's a few pics of the progress. Excuse the dorkiness.
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  4. 18 mons done

    It has been a while since I've posted. A lot has happened in my life over the last few months. First - I reached the milestone of 18 months and am down another 8 pounds for a total of 115 pounds gone!

    We adopted a new puppy and while we were waiting for her to be transported across country our offer was accepted on my dream home on the lake!

    We closed on the house two weeks ago and started to move in, lost the water pressure tank (we have a well, no public water or ...
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  5. Hallelujah, I have arrived!!

    Well I am pleased to report that with continued effort and a very focused week, I have made it to Onderland!! Better late than never. I didn't know what I would feel like when I finally saw that #1 leading the other numbers on the scale. I have not weighed under 200 lbs since 1989!!

    The great news is that, although I was afraid I would feel "accomplished" and be unmotivated to continue, I feel more motivated than ever. If I could lose 70 lbs to get here, what can I accomplish ...