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  1. Bone density test?

    Had a check up with my PCP on 4/21 and he suggested I go for a bone density test. Anybody else have this? I guess he wants to see if my skeleton has lost weight. The nurses at his office were slack jawed when they saw me. Very complimentary. Weighed in at 230.
  2. for my sleevers 1 year out or more..... how do you stay motivated?

    Hi guys so im one year and one month out lost all the weight I needed to. Sometimes its easy to slip in a few chips w a meal (not often) but I do have a weakness w quest bars and sometimes I eat 2 as a snack. I have lost my motivation for working out too. Can anyone help suggest how you stay motivated etc? Thanks!
  3. Light at the end of the tunnel

    I finally met with the surgeon this week and my patient advocate called me today to give me everything I needed to do in order to get my insurance approval and then surgery. Although it is still many weeks away (won't be able to submit to insurance until June 15th) I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot wait to start this new chapter in my life.
  4. Have to take a second to brag...

    Okay, so I only have a second because I have two little boys that have a baseball game this afternoon but I just HAD to log on and post a teeny bit of good news.

    After sitting at 201 for about 2 weeks my weight loss has finally started up again and I am super excited and happy to say that as of this morning I officially left the 200's and am now in ONEDERLAND! I have really been looking forward to being able to post this update and I am so ecstatic to be waving goodbye to the 200's ...
  5. Approved today!

    So I had to have an EGD done on Monday and thought I'd call my insurance company to see if they received all needed documentation for the prior-authorization approval. To my surprise they had it and the nurse had already approved and faxed back to my doctor's office. I was very happy and relieved. Unfortunately when I spoke with my doctor's office they said they hadn't seen anything but would check with my insurance and call me back. Well, since I hadn't heard anything in 4 hours, I called my insurance ...