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  1. Turning 59

    Quote Originally Posted by Laelle View Post
    I am 63 and just had my sleeve 5 days ago. The surgery went great and the recovery so far has been easier than I expected. Hard to get in the required fluids and feeling hungry/empty a lot of the time, but very little pain. I totally agree with you - I didn't want to spend the rest of my life unable to do much of anything except watch other people do things while I was sitting on the sidelines. With my joint issues I have gotten so limited that even going to the movies is something I don't do much,
  2. Turning 59

    Quote Originally Posted by thenewmetoday View Post
    I had my surg. at 70 now 73. Best desicion I have ever made. Wish it was available for me when I was 50. Good luck.
    Thank you for your post.....so glad that all went well for you.....I can't wait to get this show on the road as they say.
  3. Turning 59

    Quote Originally Posted by cathbas View Post
    i am 60, had the sleeve and am loving it..i am a newbie..but i felt like you did!! good luck to you!
    Thank you for your post, I need to know I am one of at least a few, happy for all of course but so relieved that I am not alone in this age group. Glad all is going well for you
  4. Approved!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so excited!! I finally recieved my acceptance letter from the review committee to have my surgery done. I have 1 more visit with my PCP and should be finished with the 6 month mandatory supervised weight loss appointments. They are also requiring me to have a consult with a GI specialist since my B12 was slightly low, and to attend 2 support group meetings which I will do this month. Here's to hoping I don't require an EGD and I will be on the sleeved side buy June, latest July!!!
  5. Lady issues & I rock

    So last week I had my annual & my gyno told me my uterus felt volumous. I told him my periods have gotten progressively worse the last 6 months & my cramps are intolerable the first couple days. He said that's not good & scheduled me for an ultrasound next week to check. Then I go back to him the following week for the results. Now my periods 4 days late. Ugh! Last week I filled in for my boss while she went to visit her daughter & yesterday & today I worked for her because she ...