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  1. Simply Inspiring

    This is truly inspiring! We all need to lend a helping hand when we see others struggling on their journey, whatever that journey may be.

    Struggling Runner Finishes 10K with Help from Police Officer | Runner's World & Running Times
  2. 31/2 weeks post op

    Hi there I just wanted to post a update. When I was searching for information about this surgery I would always read the blogs and it helped me so I hope mine helps you as well
    I am now 27 lbs lighter from my pre op til now. Preop started on 02/16/15 til today I have lost 27lbs. My weigh in day is usually every Wednesday. I feel pretty good most of the time I have been tired a lot though as well. But I do work full time and I am very busy with my 2 kids and all their activities and ...
  3. 100lbs

    So a little more then 5 months post op and I can say that I have hit 100lbs!!!! This is not an easy transition from being able to eat anything to be being able to eat anything just a smaller amount. That's right you heard me. I am having no issue with eating any food, I know that I am one of the lucky ones but let me tell you as long as you are mentally tough enough to handle this, there is nothing to stop you. I eat little bits all through out the day and eat my three square meals and I am good ...
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  4. My hair is gone!!!! :( helpppp!

    Hello everyone it's been a while for me blogging...
    I would like to know if anyone has experience losing majority of their hair??? I have increased my protein! Everytime i comb my hair there are several stands in the comb!!! Has anyone else experienced major hair lost! I feel like a cancer patient. Luckly im a hair stylist who was able to hide it with weave . I miss my natural thick hair!!!
  5. Any suggestions??

    My surgery is scheduled for April 17th. I have been making a list of all the things I need to do. Trying to figure out what I will be able to have on my trip home. I have a 5 hour plane ride and then 2 hour car ride to reach home
    Any suggestions as to what I could bring to eat?