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  1. Still a work in progress

    I am now around 194 - my fighting weight. I was about this size when I got married over 16 years ago. There is a bit of wiggle and giggle on my arms and legs but it isn't too bad.
    Today I rediscovered my love of swimming. exercise is easier now.
  2. It's working! But feeling Weak

    Almost 2 weeks out, and I can already see it in my face, and feel that my knee fat is gone, my legs aren't rubbing together near as much, I'll weigh again at the end of the week. I need to hurry and take measurements so I can at least start somewhere. I've still got some chest pain/trouble breathing deep on the left side, and I'm EXTREMELY WEAK. If I exert any effort more than getting dressed/shower and walking to the car my heart is racing. Body doesn't like those stairs in the house either! Hopefully ...
  3. Day 8 Post-Op

    Yesterday I walked twice…morning and night. Wasn't able to walk this morning because it is pouring rain here. Hoping it will be moved on by this evening so my fiancé and I will be able to walk this evening.
    I stayed hungry all day yesterday as well; will be glad when the liquid diet is over and I'm able to put some sort of solids in my stomach. So ready for some mashed potato and grits. I'm too scared to derail from the post-op instructions because I don;t want to get sick or have any problems. ...
  4. just feeling good

    Hello everyone!
    I am almost done typing up my weight loss record so I WILL have that up later today. (Its just been too nice to be inside)

    So I had set a goal of 165 by July 4th, happy to say I have hit that goal.

    This past weekend we all went kyacking. The last time I went was last summer and it was very awkward then, I didnt want to go but my husband enjoys it so I would suck it up. This time I was looking forward to it. I helped load up the kyacks, and carried ...
  5. my slave

    I'm 68 pounds downI have my surgery January 12 I love my sleeve I wouldn't trade it for the world I went from a size 18 to size 11 I love it