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  1. Looking for Discount Buddy for June 4th??????????

    I am having surgery on the 4th and would like to get that $200. We just need to tell them we are buddies and we must be scheduled the same day. So if anyone out there doesn't have a surgery buddy, let us hook up and that discount.

    You take that $200 and go shopping in Mexico. LOL
  2. Sex drive

    Please give me some feedback. Since I have had my sleeve, my sex drive has been dead. I have no desire at all. I feel so bad for my spouse. You would think once you lose weight you would want it more because you feel more attractive but that's not my case. Before suregery I couldn't go 2 days and now I don't care if I get it. ANybody else like this
  3. SCARED!!!Having EGD Done Tomorrow

    I am scheduled to have an upper EGD with biopsies done tomorrow. They are concerned because my vitamin B12 was a little low and will not schedule me for my sleeve until the results come back.

    I am VERY scared of this procedure. Im scared of my throat scarring, and of having extreme stomach pain afterwards. I have an interview for a new job scheduled for the day after on Friday, will I feel well enough to go? What has been some of your experiences with having this done if it was mandatory ...
  4. 3 Month Update

    The 18th was exactly 3 months since I had my surgery. I can say without the slightest hesitation that I have absolutely no regrets and feel thankful every day that I made this decision. I feel better than I have in a very long time.

    I have lost 56 pounds since surgery, according to my scale. I have my 3 month post-op appointment with my surgeon in a little over a week and so I'm curious to see what their scale says. This will be the first time that they have taken my measurements ...
  5. Day three post op!

    Well had my surgery on Monday in the hospital they gave me clear liquids. Stayed in hospital one night and went home Tuesday. I do believe the worst part of the whole thing was them taking out my drain. I was awful! I also did not know what to expect when they did it so that probably made it worse. But now I am home doing the liquid diet. I am so worried I am going to mess this up. I am going to follow my book step by step with amounts of food and times to start them but I just am not sure how ...