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  1. 4 days post op

    My husband & I are 4 days post op gastric sleeve & we are not feeling well, me worse than him. We came home yesterday & had a long travel day. When we got home, I got real nauseated & vomited a little. Our bowels are moving, but it’s mostly gas with small amount of liquid stool. Is this all normal for day 4? We are trying to stay hydrated & drink small amounts every hour, but it’s hard when our stomachs keep cramping & hurting. I’m so worried something is wrong! Please advise! ...
  2. What if...

    I am trying to take deep breaths and calm my mind a bit. I have surgery two weeks from today and I am feeling nervous. Can I do it? What if I am not successful? I have read a few posts lately that cause me concern. I know there are ups and downs during this transition from unhealthy to healthy. I feel like I am waiting in line for the "big, scary ride" at Disneyland and I am finally at the front of the line with tickets in hand and all I have to do it hand over my ticket and get ...
  3. Have You Given Up? This Month's Question

    So, January turned out to be the goal accomplishing month I envisioned. I missed my weight loss and writing goals. And you know what...that's OK. I'm back on track.

    A very supportive friend asked me "Have you given up?" when I told her of my disappointments. The answer was no! The rest of my tale is on my blog:


    It's never too late to get back on track.

  4. Discouraged!

    So, I was getting discouraged because y'all are doing great and making progress mean while my A1C is 10!!! and I'm gaining weight trying to eat like pre-op then just going overboard cause I'm soooo hungry!!! But I'm tripping cause I have not had surgery yet!! I'm jumping the gun. Everything else in my blood work was great except A1C.

    The Agency called and I was rescheduled for 6/19 cause Dr. Hernandez does not due surgery on Mondays. The only reason I'm waiting until June is because ...
  5. Dude, Are You Serious???

    So this past week I’ve been transitioning from purées to soft foods, with the addition of well-chewed meat.

    According to The Binder (provided by my surgeon), I should be eating certain foods in specific quantities.

    For example, for breakfast I can have 1/4 cup of applesauce and 1/4 cup of cottage cheese.

    Then a mid-morning protein shake.

    Then lunch, which is 1/4 cup of protein (or one scrambled egg) and 1/4 cup of banana.