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  1. One Week After Surgery

    Weigh more than day of surgery. Is this the norm? Anxious to start losing.
  2. Always weigh yourself more than once

    I stepped on the scale this morning, it read 101.0. What?! Why you lying to me, scale. I'm on a steroid pack right now. I know I've been to the bathroom more times than I can count, but no way that I lost that many pounds. I stepped on it about 10 more times, and finally got it to say 109.4 three times consistently. That sounds much more accurate. My scale is just as nuts as I am 😂
  3. Great News

    So today I finally received all the approvals from BCBS and have a surgery date scheduled. I have a pre appointment on June 2nd the surgery on June 15th. I am sure I am going through many of the same emotions others have had on the day they get their schedule. Excited, happy, apprehensive, scared, did I say EXCITED and HAPPY? I have been working for 2 years to make this decision. I am looking forward to my sleeve helping me make the right decisions for a healthy life. I look forward to sharing ...
  4. One-Year Sleeversary notes and thoughts

    Recovery Time:

    Post surgery I recuperated very quickly, too quickly, I felt great and energetic. I started walking immediately, taking 5-10 minutes walks every hour I was awake the first three days, and gradually increasing until I was walking 30-45 minutes straight. I started low-impact cardiovascular exercise after my one-week post-op check-up. While walking is highly recommended immediately post-op (mainly to avoid blood clots and to assist the CO2 left over from surgery), there ...
  5. 18 Days left...

    *eeeeek* Its almost time for surgery. Its so weird to think it was 2 months ago already then I started my journey of researching a place to actually have my surgery to actually paying the deposit to now only 18 days left until the day. I am super excited.

    Also, because no one knows me in real life on here.. I am happy to say: I smoked cigarettes since I was a kid. I am 33 now. This surgery has already helped me to a healthier life. My Doctor said I had to quit smoking at least ...