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  1. Tomorrow I join the losers bench!

    Its been a long struggle, but finally got approved for surgery after my strokes. I have watched my daughter lose 97lbs in 7 months and looks amazing. I can not wait to see changes coming. Please say a pray that all goes well tomorrow!
  2. Nausea Help

    I'm 6 weeks post op and doing great with the weight loss, my only problem is the daily bought of nausea. The Dr has given me 2 prescriptions for it and that helps I just hate taking them, am I doomed to taking them the rest of my life or will this pass? Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. What are the secrets to keeping your energy after you return to work?

    Help! I'm in need of advice in regard to keeping my energy after I returned to work. I stayed home 6 weeks post op and my energy level was amazing, now that I returned to work, I am having some difficulty keeping up with the demands of my workplace. It is to the point that if I don't find a fix I may have to go back off of work in order to figure that out, and that really isn't an option. Please help.
  4. Four days.

    Four days done and I'm feeling a bit down today. Tears come easily but, hey! That's me.
    My boys came for a visit with their families. It was good to catch up.
    They're very supportive and know I suffer depression, so I'm well looked after.
    Anyway, they all stayed for tea, so takeaway pizzas all round, with garlic bread.
    I wasn't even interested in the food at all. I had my protein shake to sip on, so I was happy.
    Good to see them all but I'm really tired out so ...
  5. Its been 4years!

    Wow! How has everyone been?! I think i forgot how much i enjoyed the support of everyone on this site. So, Im back!

    The last 4 years have been full of change and growth, people treat you differently when you are thinner, believe it our not. Whether they knew you before the lost or met you afterwards, its still different. But also i carry myself differently , i'm not the same chic i was prior to my gastric sleeve. I have to tell myself this comes from maturity and growth, but also ...