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  1. first week post op

    Im getting discouraged, I did the pre op diet and just finished my first week of all liquids and i have ONLY lost 12lbs. From what I have read most people have already lost 20lbs by now. I drink a ton of water very little juice, broth and 1 popsicle a day.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Baby Steps Forward

    I've been MIA as we just moved for our second time in a year. I'm still unpacking, but I'm feeling more settled. I finally had a chance to run and write today! This fourth year of my journey is tough, but I'm taking baby steps to take control again. You can read about it on my blog at:


    Best wishes!
  3. What is wrong w/me?

    I am currently 15 days post-op. I expected to lose my appetite after surgery and had been advised that, at least initially, the thought of food would not be pleasant. However, one day post-op I was craving everything I always have, and my stomach growled and felt like it was in knots due to hunger. This caused me to start pureed foods early, by day 5. That finally made the intense physical hunger pangs go away and I seem to be tolerating the foods I have tried since then (still only pureed). ...
  4. Fruit Smoothies Only? Help Please

    Okay, so I'm on day 7 of my 14 day pre-op diet. I never thought I would be jealous of those getting to have protein shakes, but I am lol. I have fruit smoothies, or milkshakes. That's IT. Fruit and Ice, or Milk and Ice. I'm not a milk drinker either, at all. I've looked everywhere on the liver reduction theories and I've not seen where anyone had to cut out their protein shakes and trade them for fruit. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Also, once you have the surgery, does this intense ...
  5. 60 and kicking butt.

    I am one week post-op tomorrow. I am doing way better then expected.....I think this is going to add years to my life. I even enjoy the walking!