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  1. Wine Tour-Munch Munch-Fun with friends-

    So Saturday we went on the wine tour. It was a lot of fun. We went with 3 other couples. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about drinking some. I had wine. Didn't drink as much as everyone else was drinking but still had a great time. We did bring snacks along as well that we had at one of the stops and also on the bus. Mostly it was meat, cheeses, crackers, hummus, nuts, and chips. I have some crackers and a few chips which I am totally not used to but wanted to ensure I was ok with the ...
  2. Day 6 Post Op - Very happy with results so far!

    Hi All,

    I got more than 64 ounces yesterday! Combination of protein shakes, herbal tea, water, beef broth, powerade zero and sugar free popsicles.

    I decided to be bold today and add in some thinned out tomato soup with fat free milk. No issues! Tolerated well and what a welcomed change after the last 3 weeks!

    I am a newbie so don't have much advise to give but I can tell you that I believe that following the doc's instructions to the T is paramount ...
  3. 2 Days Out From Surgery

    I have to admit that I'm just really tired and I didn't feel like doing anything at all today. I had my surgery on February 17th and I spent the night in the hospital which was horrible, but I don't like being in the hospital anyway. Now that I'm home I've been up and walking around, I did dishes and a small load of laundry today. Finally had enough energy to stand in the shower, that was an amazing feeling! I am glued shut, no staples, with tiny pieces of gauze over top and then a clear plastic ...
  4. Yes!!

    Got a 16oz protein shake down in about 1 1/2 hours today 5 days post op and I can now take deeper breaths without pain! Getting better by the day! To those just post op make sure you use your respitory device as it really does help! Hopefully I can get the full 64 ounces today. Got about 40 yesterday.

    OH and probably TMI but I finally had a bowel movement after 6 days. I am putting Miralax in the shakes and Powerade.
  5. Day 4 Post Op

    As suspected things seem to be getting easier, still struggling with fluids but working on it. Just bored to death as my wife won't let me leave the house until I get in 64 ounces. I got about 24 yesterday. Shooting for at least 36 today. Still getting periodic gassy pains just below my chest plate. They pass however. I had planned on going back to work Monday but not going to until I get in 64 ounces. Fortunately, I can work from home so I plan on easing my way back into it. I know if I ...