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  1. no stranger to weightloss

    Hi peeps..

    Im new here obviously but Ive been on the WL rollercoaster my whole life. I had the lapband nightmare for 2 years back in 07, on my 3rd repair surgery the doc took it out because it was eroding my stomach and I have never missed it. Im in the pre-op/ins stage of getting my sleeve, starting all of the blood work and testing etc. Soooo I will be posting more as more happens.

    peace out homies.
  2. A Seahorse's Journey with the Sleeve

    So...I have decided to do this thing. It took about a year to decide, and now that I am over 100 lb above my adjusted body weight, it'is about time!

    I have decided to be a seahorse on my journey, floating through the sometimes scary waters....because it is better than being what I actually am... a fat dietitian. I have actually had patients tell me that I need to lead by example. Boy will I be happy when some of those same patients can see a difference in my weight!
  3. Check Out These Guns-Hoka One One Bondi 5-Chaperoning-New Vitamins-No Stress Eating-Say a Prayer

    I had a great time chaperoning my daughter's football spirit team. So us volunteers oversaw the cheer, pep, and dance squads. Her school is huge so there is a total of 225 girls between the 3 teams. It was crazy and they are soooooo loud. What do you expect from the Spirit Team, though?? LOL. My daughter did awesome on her half time performance and I was really proud of her. Got to see it from a really good vantage point and took some video. She looked so cute and happy. I actually ...
  4. Itís a start.

    Yeah! 13 days post-op 27 pounds down. I am just getting started. Nutrition was very please. I was supposed to be on my purťed food this week.oops.
    Now I donít even know where to start with my food choices. Iíll start
  5. 11 Month Surgiversary-96 lbs gone-Loving the Sleeved Life-Interview-Weekend Get Away

    My oh my! Where has the time gone?? I cannot believe it has been 11 months since I have been living the sleeved dream. My surgery has gone way better than I could have ever dreamed. I had no complications during the surgery itself. My only issue post op was constipation. That lasted until right before 10 months. Now it is all gone and I feel awesome! I have lost 96 lbs off of my 4'11" frame. (That is 9 lbs under my goal weight....which I was afraid I would not reach!!!) I weigh more ...