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  1. my first 'before' picture

    aka a current one.
    I got my gallbladder out three weeks ago.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Nearly 6 Months Out From Surgery

    It has been a whirlwind of a ride since March's surgery. But I began my new way of life, 3 months before when my pre-op diet began.

    This 'montage' sums it all up. (You might have to highlight and right click and paste.)

  3. It's been a while....

    Hi! It's been a long time since I've been here so I'm going to introduce myself and tell my story. So on December 30th 2014 I was sleeved. Because of issues with anesthesia I vomited the first 48hrs. I spent new years in the hospital and went home January 2nd or 3rd. My highest weight was 255. I had PCOS and after my son was born i went into post partum depression. Food became something I turned to, looked forward to. Ate whatever, whenever.
    If you want to read about my story check out ...
  4. Stupid Stitch

    I am post op day 8 and would feel perfect if it weren't for this one internal stitch that I apparently pulled or something. (The nurse assured me that it's not popped loose). Apparently about 3-4 inches below the largest incision (where they pull the stomach out) they have a stitch that attaches to the muscle wall. Well on Sunday I did quite a bit around the house and I guess I over did it and pulled that stitch when I was laying down to rest. I felt it when I was laying down and it felt like a ...
  5. Am I doing this right?

    I had my sleeve on July 18th, 2017. I am 9 weeks post op. My highest weight was 222, surgery weight day I weighed in at 210 and I am 190.8. I have been following the diet to a T. My sister who had the sleeve surgery done a few years ago eats cheetos, drinks soda and ate crap food and the weight just FELL off. She started at 225 and is now at 143.

    For me, yesterday I had a protein shake, two quest bars and a few bites of chicken salad. In total about 750-800 calories. My doctor ...