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  1. Looking at year 2

    A few months ago I was reading about how our genes affect our weight loss that first year post-op, and how our environment will affect year 2 and the following years.

    I will be one year out tomorrow and will have my one year post-op on Saturday.
    This past-year has been many things, sometimes a roller coaster with many ups and a few downs, sometimes really cozy and calm...but those precious times are just not enough to always feel stress-free.
    Still, that past year has ...
  2. 8-Month Post-Sleeve Gastrectomy

    The good news is that I'm calm and collected despite a jump up on the scale this week. I finally started my "moon" on Sunday! It was a week over due. So I am hoping it's water gain and next week I will know if Christmas indulging has made a permanent stay on my thighs. Needless to say this past week I start each day with the goal of cutting down on non essential carb loaded foods, like granola or cherry Garcia or pecan pralines. Let's just say that sugar cravings have been getting the ...
  3. we have a walker

    so Thanks be to God the stomach flu has been eradicated from my house!!!! Also came home from working 6:30-3 & the baby took about 6 steps on his own!!!! My baby's growing up too fast for me!!
  4. Woohoo! Italy baby!

    So today we booked our tickets to go to Italy in July for 16 days. My dad is getting remarried (my mother passed away 2 years ago) and we found a good deal on tickets. It's going to be me, my hubby, my 2 kids, and my mother in law. (My step kids are not going...no way their mom would let them.) So very excited. We had to go get passports today for the hubby and I. My husband hasn't had one in 20+ years and mine was going to expire in August and still had my old last name on there. (We got ...
  5. Tomorrow is the day

    I did pre op yesterday. Today final dr visit & tomorrow sleeve. If you have written my & I haven't answered, it's because I'm having difficulty with this.

    I'm very ready & excited to start my new life.

    Good luck to my fellow Jan sleepers & others 60+ like me