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  1. Day 13 and I'm back at Uni!

    So day 13 and I'm back at Uni for summer school. I actually feel just about back to normal now. I think 2 weeks off work or school is reasonable as I was pretty tired first of all. I am now feeling a million dollars, well today anyway. I am here till 8 pm so it's a bit of a long day and I might be whinging come 8pm LOL.
    I went out for the first time last night, to an awards ceremony which was heaps of fun. It wasn't a problem at all not eating or drinking alcohol. I'm a big ...
  2. And So It Begins...

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    I'm really going to do this...I have thought about if for so long, then deluded myself into thinking I can do it myself, lost 30, gained 40...about four times...and I'm currently one big binge away from 300 lbs. I just turned 59, and the weight is really starting to affect my quality of life. I hurt. M knees, ankles, feet, back...I just hurt all over. My blood pressure is horrible. My cholesterol is high and triglycerides are high. I've got metabolic ...
  3. 10 days pre op

    Gosh! I love it on here. So much to read and take in. I've got so many helpful hints from all. Thank you.
    10 days! It'll soon be single figures, then I hope it goes quickly, I'm hungry with the pre op diet. I hate diets!!!
    Argh! I'll go clean up the house to get my mind off hunger.
    Whinging a bit today, bear with me.
  4. 86 Days Post Surgery - Just Posted First Before And After Pictures

    I just posted my first before and after pictures to my profile, after three months and (so far) 66 pounds lost. Yikes. The before picture was taken mid-July, the after picture was taken last Wednesday (11/8/17). I can't believe it is the same person in both pictures. It is ironic that a few people have made a big deal about the transformation but most people have either said off the cuff remarks like "have you been working out?" or "have you lost a few pounds?" or have said ...
  5. Post Surgery wisdom

    I had my surgery on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, California. My physician is Dr. Luedke. I can't begin to tell you how well I was treated while in the hospital. Traditionally Dr. Luedke keeps his patients 2 nights in the hospital but due to my difficulty keeping liquids down, I was kept an extra night. I also learned that I had a hernia in my upper abdomen. My doctor could tell how old it was. I do recall having a lot of abdominal pain when in was in ...