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  1. 10 days till sleeve surgery

    i have started the modified liquid diet.....two shakes and one meal ....during the day its not so hard but at night when i like to snack watching tv has been such a struggle, so i have tried to change my routine and walked on the treadmill for a hour while watching tv until i was soo tired and went to bed very early. i had to break this snacking habit one way or other and this is all i could come up with lol ...struggle is real.
  2. Moving on

    So now that my MD worked out a good food plan for me, I can put my frustrations aside and get to the work of making the most of this. I love solutions and the moving on part.So morning yoga is slowly morphing into more with additions. I have added strenthening exercises and ballet stretches. I do a solid 30+ minutes each morning. I can't wait for the weather to warm so I can work outside. Being so heavy has impeded my ability to do yard work. This year should be awesome!

    And if anyone ...
  3. Trying out dietary changes pre-op

    I've been doing all the reading and information gathering that I can, waiting impatiently for my consultation so I can make plans. It seems that every surgeon has their own pre-surgical protocol so I can't know what Dr. Glatt will require until I meet with him. I can try to start eating healthier now though.Yesterday I "ate" (drank!) only liquids. I wasn't hungry but I constantly felt the urge to go get something to snack on. It kind of makes me wonder exactly how much I normally eat/snack. ...
  4. New Day for a New Life!

    Today I am 10 days post op and I couldn't be more excited. I am down 50 pounds from the weight I was when I signed up for this life changing surgery. I am seeing a whole new world to explore and opportunities abound. The air smells fresher, the sun shines brighter and I cannot wait to take the world by the horns and see where it takes me. Thank you God for allowing me this opportunity to restart my life! Come join me in this decision! I will keep you informed as we travel this new path!
    Roger ...
  5. 22 days post op

    I can't believe i'm 3 weeks post op. I've been fortunate to not have any issues except 2 weeks of hives from the antibiotics but other than that its been an easy recovery. Yesterday i ate a little more than I have been eating and i felt uncomfortable so i'm going to have to just stick to half a cup of food. The worst part of the surgery is the food addiction still lives on, even after 80% of your stomach is removed. Food made me happy for 30 yrs and I miss it terribly but I know i made the right ...