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  1. Bikram Yoga

    I will attend a Bikram Yoga class tomorrow morning. Hot yoga at 105 degrees and 40% humidity, 26 postures, 2 breathing exercises, all in 90 minutes and an awesome feeling of accomplishment when it's over.

    Last time I lost weight (pre-surgery LOL), I really enjoyed yoga and it definitely helped build muscle and lose fat. Of course I abandoned it, stopped going to the gym, ate like sh*t again, and gained back 40 lbs...blah blah blah. Since surgery (266 lbs) I've been able to maximize ...
  2. 5 more days.... possible TMI

    5 days out from surgery, 4 days from leaving for Mexico; alone.

    I've been seeing people post about the Couch to 5k program (C25k) a bit lately and it's gotten me thinking about how NOT possible that is right now. I wish my back and knee would let me do the C25k program!!! I think once I've lost a good amount of weight those types of activities will become possible again. Sure, I may still need to wrap my knee, use a ton of IcyHot and pump myself full of Tylenol... but it'll be POSSIBLE!
  3. C25K Week 1 Day 3!! Week one COMPLETE!! 9 weeks post op today!

    Woohoo! Week one is under my belt! I am feeling phenomenal! Love this program more than I can possibly express. A little soreness in my thighs but not unbearable and no issues when I go running with that feeling. It hurts so good. LOL. I am very excited about week 2. I know from last time, that it does get harder and there were weeks that I repeated so I would feel "comfortable" with it. I was a lot heavier then so I wonder if I will need to repeat weeks this time around
  4. Drains

    I was wondering if drains are always used with the sleeve?
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  5. The beginning

    Quote Originally Posted by julieaponte View Post
    So I am still in the very beginning stage of this process. I have been to several appointments and have been to my first round of classes for behavior, diet, & exercise. I have 3 more rounds each of those classes and several more appointments to go. What I really like about how Kaiser has set this up is that the classes are in a group setting and you are with the same group of people every time so you build friendships and a support system of people going through the exact same process as you.