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  1. Week 1.5

    Well, it's funny, but every day I get better and better and yet today I had a set back. I can't place my finger on why I was so weak today. The temperature is getting warmer out and I guess I wasn't prepared for this early morning situation with my brother.

    Yesterday, my brother came over to help me take my garbage out because I didn't want to lift anything. He took me to Home Depot so I could buy a new patio umbrella and have him put it in for me too. So today, he came over not too ...
  2. Just 4 days!

    Oooo boy! I am so excited! And nervous...
    Everything seems to be going well. I have ordered my vitamins. Although they will not arrive before surgery so I wont get them until day 10 maybe and I am supposed to start day 7. That's ok, I am sure the 3 days wont do too much damage.
    My biggest challenge right now is I am dreaming of food I cant have! Literally I am sitting here at work and I am just imagining a bagel with a huge egg and some bacon with some yummy melted cheese on it ... ...
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  3. What do you think about returning to an office type job after week 1 PO?

    Hi all.
    I'd like to know what you guys think about me going back to work after week 1 post op? Thoughts ? Experiences? I'm hopeful I'll feel up to it. T is after all an office type job, so really just doing a lot of sitting.
    Thank you
  4. 3 months later

    3 months out and still on track. Weight loss has slowed down but I'm guilty of not exercising as much as I should. I moderately walk but need incorporate strength training. I use to be able to lift heavy items but now i'm so week so hoping once i get to the gym i will be able to build my strength back up. Moving and working over 40 hours a week can drain the hell out of you also...my legit excuse. I'll start going to the gym next week so ready. My intake of water is still an issue. I typically drink ...
  5. Four day work week-2 pounds from goal-Happy Hour!!

    And boom! Just like that the scale said 122 today!! Still losing a pound every week or so. So I am really content. I have no issues what so ever with my meals, cravings, energy levels etc. I feel amazing. I think that when I eat a little more, the scale moves. Because every time the scale goes down it is after a day or two where I feel like I have eaten a ton. I still have to eat slow and listen to my body cues but that is just making me more in tune with myself. I am actually tasting and ...