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  1. Im so scared of failing!!!!

    i have my date already. but the problem for me is knowing when to start doing a low calorie diet. i was only told to do a liquid diet for 5 days before my procedure. they never said anything about doing a low calorie diet or anything else for prior to surgery.

    Also my next issue is that my family at home is not very supportive of anything. I have already been mentioning the fact that im not supposed to be eating any beef or pork. but the more that i express any of this ...
  2. I'm doing much better!

    Thanks to those who responded to my last post. I did great on my pre-op diet yesterday! I have the right mindset now! It makes better sense to me now. I stayed busy yesterday and out of the kitchen. I told my family they have to be responsible for getting their own dinners. (They are adults) I advocated for myself and explained that I needed to concentrate on my needs right now. It felt good. I am a caretaker. Now I am committed to taking care of me! It's just shakes, lean meat, and green veggies ...
  3. Struggling with pre-op diet

    Hi all,
    I am hungry! I do OK until dinner time and then I eat more than I should. Still no bread or pasta but I had a baked potato with my chicken breast. Should have been just non starchy veggies. I will try harder tomorrow. I really am hungry. I wish I had someone to just put it in front of me. I woke up last night at 3:17 hungry. I got a shake. That was a victory. I am scared I won't lose enough on this diet. I am supposed to lose 10-15 lbs on 2 week pre-op diet. My nerves are going too. ...
  4. Back to Basics... and validation

    Hey hey peeps, I wasn't sure what back to basic meant but I sort of figured it out.... and I would have to say my way of eating is back on track ever since I started dedicating myself to the gym again... hitting the gym six times a week and I'm feeling great again... it's helped me suppress my late night cravings for carbs and sugars, I don't hit my calorie intake as much anymore and I even dropped the 5 pounds I had gained. I wish it was more weight loss cause it's been three weeks of hard core ...
  5. So incredibly happy!

    I'm just in the mood to share! I'm down 91lbs since Feb 20th! I'm eating my protein and drinking my water... and exercising ( never thought that would happen...lol). This was the best decision I have ever made in my life. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Was it easy? No....was it a struggle.. yes. Is it getting easier...YES! Anyone who is in the beginning of this journey please know it gets much easier. The rewards are totally worth the work!