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  1. Thoughts on Volume

    I have read a lot on this forum and heard in my program about the importance of not overeating. That part I get about paying attention to the full switch and measuring portions.

    My question is about liquid. How much is too much and in what time frame? I remember on weeks 1-2 that my instructions said to try to get in 8oz of liquid over a 60 min period. I can drink more now being 3 months out. But wonder if drinking 16 oz in 10-12 minutes is a bad thing to do. I can drink 16 oz of ...
  2. 12 Weeks-It works if you work it-Success-Adapt your mind

    Yesterday was 12 weeks. I celebrated it by finishing up week 4 of my C25K program. Half way done with the program. At the end of my workout the app kindly congratulated me and told me so! I came home very sweaty. I can feel myself pushing a little harder during the running parts. My stride is more natural and comfortable.
    Then we took our girls to their gymnastics practice. They both moved up to the next skill level so we had to decide which day their class was going to be for ...
  3. Help!

    Hi everyone, it's been two years and a half since my surgery. I have lost @ 50 lb's that was all the first year. I believe it's because I got super sick in the beginning. I wasn't able to eat anything for months just liquids, and even that was very painful. Well, ever since I've been able to eat again, I suppose I just kind of indulged. Not eating big portions just more often and anything. My cravings are bad. I haven't lost anymore weight, but maintained it. I don't have energy to do much. I feel ...
  4. One year anniversary!

    Quote Originally Posted by ghost_ryder View Post
    Congrats on getting to your goal, amazing feeling I am sure.
  5. naughty foods

    Feeling a little guilty... I gave into my lifelong addiction last night and ordered Chinese food. On the bright side, I did eat off of a salad plate so didn't totally make a porker of myself but STILL.... I know the food is calorie dense. Anyone else have a certain something they can't stay away from? What about replacement? any thoughts?
    As it is, I am probably taking all the leftovers to my sister's house. I don't think I can have it in the fridge and not want to eat it. I do great all ...