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  1. Adventures in Weight Loss Surgery #6

  2. Progress-Strong Woman-Running-Maintenance-Tryouts

    Things are going great for this sleeved lady. New job training is over and just completed my first week of no longer being in training. Loving it. My manager is very pleased with how well I picked up the job. She has been able to give me extra work and I have been able to accomplish it all with no issues. The girl who sits next to me was sleeved in August. Not by my surgeon. She told me about being sleeved within a week or so of me joining the team. I did not tell her I was sleeved. Just ...
  3. Dizziness & Hunger Montsers

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    I have read a few comments lately that refer to dizziness. I thought it was just ME. When I stand up or straighten up from bending over I have to hold on to something. I thought I was going to pass out once. Is this normal? I begin Phase Three of the "diet" on Monday so my calories will increase since I will be able to eat pureed/thicker food. I do fear that once I am able to have real food the "Hunger Monsters" will rear their ugly heads and I will want foods I shouldn't
  4. Adventures in Weight Loss Surgery #5

  5. Adventures in Weight Loss Surgery #4