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  1. Surgery is done and recovery is getting better.

    Surgery is done!!! I am among the sleeved! Everything went great...or at least that's what they tell me anyways. I have some nausea and the pain is very difficult to describe. I think the drain tube is what is causing the most discomfort. That and the gas they pump in you.

    The nurses have been amazing. And said that I have been doing wonderful with my walking!!! Keep praying for me please. :-)
  2. Another Pound Down-95 lbs lost-Running Like I Don't Care-Shake it Off!

    Wow. I lost another pound. I am eating quite a bit so I was shocked when the scale went down again. I go to see my surgeon on the 15th of September. I will be 10 1/2 months post op. I am excited to see my surgeon and his staff. I have not been there since March, I think. I don't really like going out to his office because it is far. But I like seeing them, if that makes sense. I will have one more visit on my 1 year anniversary and then I will not go back unless I have issues. I have been ...
  3. Keosters VLOG : WLS Topic of the week : Gratitude

  4. 3 Weeks Post Op Today - Can't Eat My Feelings

    Just wanted to do a little check-in now that I am 3 weeks post-surgery. It feels like forever and yesterday, I must say. Things are generally going well. I am in pureed foods and most I tolerate well but eggs (my family owned an egg farm when I was a kid) have been enemy number one. My stomach is still a bit sore and my energy lags a bit, but dropping 34 pounds and NEVER FEELING hunger with minimal side effects has been a blessing.

    I think one of the most difficult things for ...
  5. NSV-OMG-Little Black Dress-Whoop Whoop!!-Loving the Sleeved Life

    So I have a little body dysmorphia. I always have. Back when I was young and in HS I always thought I was fat when I clearly wasn't looking back at the pictures. I was thin. I was fit. When I was fat....it flipped and I was partially in denial. I never thought I was as obese as I was until I saw pictures of myself. When I looked in the mirror I would think I wasn't that big. Clearly I was. Whenever I would go shopping I would always pick up jeans and think they would fit and were most likely ...