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  1. 16 days out

    I feel so good and down 14lbs since surgery.
  2. Day 9 post op surgical review

    Went for my review today and all was good. my wounds are just about healed and he reckons everything is great.

    They used an anti epileptic drug called lyrica in the pre op room before i went in. It sent me doolally and I've never heard of it being used before, but apparently it's not unusual for that surgery here. By the time I got into theatre I was off my face and happily telling the anaethetist how to mix his cocktail LOL!!! I must say it does make you very disinhibited and really ...
  3. 11 hours post op

    Had my sleeve done about eleven hours ago! And all things considered, I feel great. Relieved surgery is over and all went well. I slept off and on most of morning and early afternoon. I am now up to walking about 10 laps around floor. Some abdominal pain/pressure. Had some nausea, but they gave me something for it. Trying to keep moving to relieve gas. Had some ice chips - mouth soooo dry. But I guess the cold bothers my tummy. Limiting ice now. Heating pad helps. I was worried I would ...
  4. appetite

    I do not really feel hungry and at the same time, when I eat (and I am doing exactly what I was directed to do), I don;t feel full. The only time I get a feeling of fullness is when I drink my protein shake. Is this normal?
  5. Hysterectomy Blues

    Good afternoon, Has anyone had a total abdominal hysterectomy since having the gastric sleeve? I had sleeve surgery in 2012 and I've been successful in maintaining my weight. I had a TAH 7 weeks ago and I have had major weight gain 12 lbs since surgery. Anyone out there gone through this?