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  1. 5 months post op - Bathing Suits & Exercise, OH MY!

    I will be 5 months post op on the 11th of this month. I have lost a total of 72 lbs. I feel fantastic. My smaller body amazes me every single day.

    I went to Florida over vacation. I've never owned a bathing suit. I would always wear a pair or shorts and a t-shirt. I didn't even think about packing a bathing suit this time. I'm just so used to not owning one. When I got down to Florida and sat on the beach in my usual shorts and t-shirt, I began to think about a bathing suit. ...
  2. 2 week post op follow-ups

    So today I saw my surgeon and nutritionist for my 2 week follow ups. I told my surgeon about my difficulties with eating and drinking and straight up owned that I was very likely dehydrated and was definitely not getting enough protein. He said it sounded like some acid reflux issues and told me to get an over the counter to see if that helped. He told me that if it didn't get better by Monday then I should give him a call. He said my incisions were looking good though so yay!

    My ...
  3. Susie57's Gastric Sleeve Journey

    Quote Originally Posted by Susie57 View Post
    I started my journey approximately two years ago I spent the first year and a half taking classes and going to therapy to work on my food issues. I really wanted to make sure I was ready for surgery and all it entailed. I had watched three friends have weight loss surgery only to slip back into bad habits. While they still have quite a bit of weight off they've each put weight back on I finally took the plunge on July 15, 2016. My pre op appointment was May 26 at which point I weighed 308 at
  4. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    7 Day Post-op Follow Up!

    Finally! Answers, relief and healing!

    I am truly feeling better. I had a blockage causing all that pain. Narcotics do it to me every time.

    This was a great day! Not only did I figure out the source, and resolve the monster pain I've been experiencing, but I also have now advanced to a liquid diet,.. as opposed to a 'clear' liquid diet. I am once again encouraged.

    The past 7 days have been brutal but would I ...
  5. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    Day 6

    I acknowledge it may be wishful thinking but I may,.. or may not,... feel a bit better. Clearly not enough to be sure but I'm hopeful for better days ahead.

    There is absolutely nothing planned today. Not even walking. I realize that is not a good plan but either something is wrong or my body isn't healing like most and I plan to take it easy until there is clear signs of healing,.. and feeling better.

    I have a follow up appt tomorrow, whew. ...