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  1. Gastric sleeve in a few days

    Hi everyone I and about to have the gastric sleeve surgery in 7days I am on oxycotin 80 mg and I was wondering will I be able to take these after surgery ,I have a high tolerance for pain meds and I know the liquid hydrocodon is not going to help I have spurs on my spin and buldging disc and Arthur got me so can anyone tell me if it will be OK to take when I get home ?thank you in advance.
  2. Newbie

    Hi, I am planning on having my surgery done in Mexico since my insurance will not pay for it. The surgeon listed is Dr. Mario Almanza. Has anyone had surgery recently in Mexico or will be soon? I do not have my surgery date set at the moment.
  3. 3 years later

    3 years post op. Feel great but didn't like the extra skin on my stomach. So I had a very extensive tummy tuck! Wow, what a difference in appearance. So glad I did it. 13 thousand dollars but I've worked so hard to lose the weight. I'm happy with the results. Thankful that I had the sleeve and literally worked my butt off to achieve my goals.
  4. Day 6 Post op down 20 lbs

    Started my liquid diet 7 days before the surgery and today is day six, I am down 20 lbs from a high of 243 lbs to 224 lbs. that is something but I know this rate is unsustainable and it shouldn't be because its way too quick. hoping to slow it down and include exercise to it soon.
    any suggestion on how creative one can become with "clear liquids" ?
  5. 8 days and 8 pounds!

    I am down eight pounds in the eight days since my surgery. Really do miss solid foods though!! Can't wait until next Tuesday. Anyone have any good starter food stories or ideas?