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  1. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My surgery date got pushed back from October the 1st to November the first. Will this surgery ever happen????? I have waited so long... Its very disappointing when this keeps getting changed.
  2. 4-Month Post Op Dietary Tweaks

    Quote Originally Posted by Mbenson5 View Post

    Lol, ladies! I am no expert on this low carb thing, just learned what has worked for me in the past. If I ate 100 carbs a day, I would never lose weight but would gain. I still watch it, but will give in and have a cookie, brownie or whatever on some days. Having lasagna tonight. I just don't have a ton of it. Like 2 cookies rather than 10. The sleeve PLUS developing better habits is key to this!

    On my days I stay strict low carb, my day might look something like
  3. 1st Day back to work on Post-op Day 6

    arrived at work @ 7>40 this morning and left at 5:00. It was a good day. I don't have a hard job as I sit most of the day. I did take 2 walks upstairs and made it slow but no problems. Yea me.
    I will get my protein in but not sure about all my water. Really have to work on that. My food (liquid) intake is pretty good. I made a soup last night of canned vegetable and chicken broth and today I liquefied it in the blender. Added more chicken stock and some high protein cream of chicken ...
  4. Going back to basics! Anyone wants to join me??

    Almost 8 months post op and I must confess I have been doing so many bad food choices lately. I feel sometimes I can eat more and more, sure it hurts but nothing that will stop me from doing it.
    My lowest weight was 130 lbs and my body seems to be happy there. I am 132 lbs now and go up and down to 130 again and again.
    I am happy where I am now, size 4 in jeans and XS tops but I keep thinking I want to lose more just in case I gain later on I'll have a few lbs to play with. Then ...
  5. 55 Pounds down and 75 to go

    I would have never imagined in a million how easily this weight is just falling off of me!! OMG I already had to buy new clothes and all my friends and coworkers are noticing how good I'm looking. There are days that are tough but when you see how much is coming off you kind of pat yourself on your back. The proof is in the scale and the inches that are forming your new body.