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  1. Working towards gastric sleeve

    I got my band in July 2007 in Hawaii. I lost almost 50 lbs in the first 5 months or so on it. Shortly after that I moved to Nevada. I took on a stressful job and I noticed that I was vomiting a lot. I had my band unfilled, filled, unfilled, filled. I just kept vomiting. I now weigh 10 lbs more that when I had the band. I had it removed because it was causing me so many problems. I had developed terrible heartburn. I wasn't eating enough protein because since I had a hard time eating it, ...
  2. being fat

    Ok, I just have to say this, I went to the surgeon to see about my gallbladder and all I heard was how his tools wouldn't be able to reach through my body and that I would be a big health risk. Hell, the gastric sleeve surgeon didn't give me a second thought when I got the sleeve. Heart and lungs are just fine. He wanted me to go to another doctor and get the balloon or some such thing in me to make my stomach smaller, doc, that's not my problem, I love junk food, hows that??? Gawd doctors drive ...
  3. 21 weeks-Healthy Dogs-Walking on Sunshine

    Another week farther out from surgery. It is amazing how quickly it seems to be passing. 21 weeks and 52 lbs. (72 lbs total) That is nothing to complain about. I went upstairs to my old department at work to see an old friend who just came back to San Antonio. (He had moved and worked for our company in Phoenix for a year and just came back on Monday.) He was so shocked and complimentary on my weight loss. I also ran into a whole bunch of other friends from before my promotion in July. ...
  4. #TBT 18 to 48

    Now that I've lost weight, I love #tbt. A good reminder of where I've been and where I'm going..

  5. Almost 5 Years Out this MAY

    I will be 5 years out this May and I am still doing great. I can eat a little more now and I am in a bad habit of eating things I shouldn't eat. I am currently 174 lbs and would like to get to 160. I am starting today getting back on track. If anyone has any encouragement, I would love to hear it. Has anyone kinda of started over with liquids for a week and then start adding good food back in to get back on track after being several years out from surgery?