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  1. Interview-119-Italy-Going to Rock a Dress

    So today has been a great day!! I just found out I will be getting interviewed for a promotion at work. And the interview is TOMORROW!!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I really hope I am able to get the job as I had just been promoted in July of last year. It is a really competitive company I work for so whenever positions open up they have to weed out the applicants (internal applicants) to see who will get interviewed and then they interview quite a few for the limited positions. ...
  2. holding around 170ish..

    down a few, up a few... usually between 167 and 172 (clothes, time of month, etc)

    finally, this site, allowed me to upload pics. they were the most recent side by sides I had .. I need to take more but I honestly forget .. ugh lol

    I realized recently I am an emotional eater. Doesn't matter if I am happy or sad or bored.. usually more so stressed, sad or bored.

    alcohol is still a tricky thing to figure out. sometimes it really hits me, sometimes not. ...
  3. T Minus "6" Days....... SO READY TO BE ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!!!!!!

    Work It...Make It...Do It ... Makes Us ...


    ....N-now th-that that don't kill me
    Can only make me stronger
    I need you to hurry up now
    'Cause I can't wait much longer!

    Just checking in, down to less than a week! I am so ready and so excited. Everything is paid for... I'm packing tonight and getting everything in order for my trip to San Diego/Mexico. My line is drawn in the sand. This is ...
  4. Who has had a gastric sleeve that was less than 200lbs?

    I way 162 and was approved for gastric sleeve in Mexico with Dr. Alvarez. Has anyone else done this?
  5. It's Starting!!!

    I am all set to have most of my tests done tomorrow!
    I'm so excited to actually be moving in the direction now!
    My next appt with the Nutritionist and the surgeon is on July 17th.
    I feel like it is actually happening now and I couldn't be happier.
    Fingers crossed that it gets approved. I know it's a while away from now but that's ok. As I mentioned in another post, the time is going to pass anyway.