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  1. Pre Op Diet Day TWO - death breath.

    I'm doing only Optifast shakes. I'm supposed to get in 5 a day, but I never have been able to choke them all down. Yesterday I got in 4. I've removed sugar from my diet for the past two weeks and no more diet sodas or bubbly water. I've stayed low carb for the most part. I didn't think I would have a big problem going all liquid for the pre op. Yet, I still got a headache last night. My poor body...what the heck have I been doing to it over the past few years? So, took some Tylenol PM and ...
  2. Curves

    Got up and got dressed in a shirt I haven't worn in ages because of backfat. Guess what? NO BACKFAT!!! It's one of those danskin shirts that fit close. I looked in the mirror and was so happy!! I'm no longer round!! I have shape!! All I could think was "Mama gonna have curves!!" Lol
  3. I week post surgery

    Today makes 1 week since surgery. I returned to work and had an amazing day. Took the stairs all day and was not even sore. I have healed fast and recovery has been easier than most from what I am reading. I did not stay the night at hospital as my doctor made it day surgery. I was up and walking the halls within a couple of hours from my surgery and home the same day. The second day I was walking around my house with a timer for 5 minutes and rubbing my belly the whole time. I set a interval ...
  4. Dr. Mauricio Gutierrez and Trinity Medical in Tijauna


    I have surgery in two weeks in Tijuana, with Dr. Gutierrez with Trinity Medical...has anyone had surgery there? Can someone please share pictures or information on your experience? Looking for all information, including the facility, the hotel, the staff, transportation, medications, check-out...anything at all!!

    Thank you!!
  5. 65lbs down and counting!

    It been a while, I am now 65 pounds down and loving it. I had a stall for about 3 weeks but it was because I was not eating enough, working out and stressed.

    I am still happy that I chose to have the surgery and I have no complications, I have been able to move around more and actually feel better. I'm not extremely tired all the time like I used to be and I have a lot of confidence in myself now, I'm trying new things because I'm trying to enjoy my new lifestyle.