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  1. Day 9 of Pre Op Liquid Diet and I have NOT cheated! Nor will I.

    The reason for my post today is that I have spent time reading many message boards where people who have started the pre op diet have cheated and are asking if everything will be OK. This baffles me, I know it is difficult but I for one want to put myself in the best position possible when I have surgery next Tuesday. I would hate to have unnecessary complications or worst case have the surgeon call off the procedure. I have worked hard in getting to this point and would not want to jeopardize ...
  2. Who's the boss?-140's-run baby run-C25K-NSV

    Tick tock another one dropped! I am out of the 150's!! I am 149...still obese though. When I lose 1 more pound I will officially just be overweight! Oh that sounds delightful! LOL. Seriously, though, I can't wait to just be overweight and no longer obese.
    Sunday is usually a blog day for me but yesterday was so stinking busy. Got up and went for my run. It felt great. Hubby is still out of commission from his ankle but I am having no issues going alone. It was week 6 day 1 ...
  3. Day 5 of Pre-Op Liquid Diet

    Well, this is fun! Is it possible to chew chicken broth? 10 more days to go. Speaking of go, can't wait to take the magnesium citrate tomorrow, should be a good day!
  4. Pride goeth before the fall...literally!!-Crash and burn-Spaghetti squash-squished

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    So I completed week 5 of C25K. I was really worried about tonight because it was 20 minutes of straight running. My husband bailed on me because his ankle was hurting. I think he thought I would just not go. Nope. I am doing this. It is my thing. So I got out there and wondered how far I would be able to make it without stopping. I was just putting right along....feeling really proud of myself as I was 18 minutes into my run and feeling FIERCE. ...
  5. Dodging puddles

    How did you deal with this- I'd like to say I don't care what other people think or say, The older I get the easier it's becoming to ignore them. It seems like if I tell my heavy friends I'm having weight loss surgery it feels like they are detaching themselves from me. If I tell my lighter friends they tell me how dangerous it is, and how most people gain the weight back. It's almost like they are saying I'm not good enough to be part of the light crowd. So I keep this secret all to myself because ...