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  1. 2 months, 1 week, five days since surgery...and

    60 lbs gone! Thank you Jesus!

    How's everyone doing? It's been a while since I've posted anything, so I'm going to give a quick update. I've been meeting with some personal trainers, and I think I've found somewhere to go...now I just have to get the money together :/

    For the first time in 15 years I feel like my goal is achievable and I'll hit my goal weight in no time . I feel better about myself and have lots of energy now. I still struggle with foods but I'm ...
  2. Happy Birthday to ME!!

    So, it was one year ago today I turned 59. I woke up and had a long reflection of my life. I was happily married, have 6 great kids who love me, 11 beautiful grandchildren, not rich, but enough for my needs. Great life, right? Yes, but I was also 123 pounds overweight, on the highest doses of 3 Blood pressure medications, suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, the list goes on. I thought, how long am I going to live? 20-30+ more years? Like this? No thank you! That started me on this journey. ...
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  3. Third post op visit with my surgeon tomorrow

    After a weekend where I had my first 1000 calorie day since July I have my 3rd Dr visit tomorrow. The Wellfleet Oysterfest was fun, but it marked the first time I ate fried food and it wasn't a struggle. 8 fried oysters would have been just a warm up for me pre op, but I felt conflicted on Sat. after eating them. Ultimately we all need to get back on a diet of real food, hopefully with renewed discipline, but I have been on protein shakes and yogurt regularly for 2 months. I have averaged about ...
  4. My mind playing tricks on me...

    I was getting excited, feeling better and even sucking up all the compliments I have received in the last 7 weeks... but the reality is that it has been a struggle. I grieve foods everyday. I have recently started bottoming out... painful painful painful.

    Everyday is an experiement with foods. I take samples of food, and sit and wait for the "UPCHUCK" to occur. What a way to reingrate foods back into your regimen. What is funny is... Ill eat One potato chip (Bad Carb)... ...
  5. hungry at night

    Hi everyone,

    Well I 3 months post op and have lost 50 pounds so far, yeah...My only problem is at night arounf 9:00 pm I am starving.
    I get in all my proteins and vitamins, any suggestions on what to do?
    Thanks for all your help