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  1. 2 days into my post op

    Good Morning..I am going home today...Surgery was a success, I had a Hernia on my stomach. They removed it.. I feel good, I have been up and walking around. I do wish this gas pain will leave near my shoulder.
  2. 1 year sleeversary!

    This is my one year anniversary being sleeved. This is one of the best decision I ever made. I am 144 lbs down now. I would have never thought I would lose this much weight in a year. I don't have to much loose skin. I've constantly exercised to avoid loose skin doing cardio, toning, and weight lifting. I am still sticking to the doctors diet plan which is low carb so I adopted a low carb lifestyle. My husband was sleeved 4 months after I was. It's easier when you have some doing it with ...
  3. Almost there

    Yesterday I finished up my last round of appts and had my Pre Admission Testing. The Nutritionist wants me to start my 2 week pre op liquid diet tomorrow. This is gonna be interesting. My husband agreed to do it with me to show his support. 2 more weeks to go and I'll be sleeved.
  4. I would have never thought...

    Two and a half months & I am down from a size 20 to a size 16. Instead of the 6 meds I was on, I am down to two daily plus vitamins. Haven't had hives either! Just yesterday, I downsized my clothes one more time!
    I went to my grand babies music class last night and was able to pick them up and down, spin around and hop, hop, hop!
    Life changes are amazing!!!
  5. 4 months - has it been that long?

    Today is my 16 week update post sleeve. I can't believe it has been that long, feels like just yesterday I was drinking protein shakes all day.

    I just weighed and measured and I'm so grateful to say that not only did I lose that 2.5 lbs that I gained while dealing with my family situation these past 2 weeks, but I also lost another .5 lb and .75" on my hips. All in less than a week back home. I'm almost back on track. Still need to get back into my exercise routine and ...