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  1. Finally some kind of answer!

    I went yesterday for the Upper GI which was nasty but not terrible. The Dr doing the scan immediately said I have an issue emptying my stomach and that could be the root of many of my stomach pain issues as well as the reason I haven't had a desire to eat at all I always feel like i am full because the food isn't digesting its just sitting in my stomach. So next is some test I have to eat radioactive things in a batch of eggs and then lay down and let them scan me while it digests to see what ...
  2. A bit about me

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    Hello I'm new here and I'm meeting with my surgeon on Wed for my date...I've met all requirements made all the appointments and did every test... I'm so nervous excited scared and anxious but most of all I'm tired..tired of hearing you're "pretty for a big girl" I'm tired of being a 31yr old new mom with a one year old son but I have to deal with being a diabetic with high blood pressure. I made my choice to live when my son was 6wks old I had sooooo many complications from being overweight
  3. 5 months post op w/ pics! LOVE MY SLEEVE!!

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ID:	22033So, this is the first month that people are really noticing how much weight I've lost! I've been at the same company for 4 years, and one of my contractors that I deal with A LOT didn't even recognize me when he came in the office.. (& we have the SAME rare last name!!) I'm down to 209 and couldn't be happier! So close to wonderland! Shopping and getting dressed in the mornings is so much easier these days! I went shopping Wednesday night, and I can't express the ...
  4. Holiday Season

    Today starts the Holiday Season with Halloween, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. I want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season. During this time of the year we should all spend a little time to relfect inwardly. Many of us have new lifes that we could have never achieved without the help of our sleeves. Some of you I have been following for 18 months now and some of you I have recently made the aquaintence of. It doesnt matter where you are in this journey, we all have things ...
  5. Gas gas n more gas!!!!!

    Sooo i just had my surgery 3 days ago and im still dealing with the gas pain!! Does anyone have any ideas of how to speed up the process getting it all out???