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  1. Six weeks Out and Regular Diet... Yaaahooo... not so much.

    So I started regular diet last week. Regular diet doesn't mean you can eat anything not even anything healthy. Everything doesn't go down well as I quickly learned and once its down, your digestive system has to readjust to having these things in your system, so it feels like a volcano preparing to erupt from beginning to end. I am still having to cook my food very well done and chew it even more even though its healthy. Another thing I am finding is that you fill much more quickly on regular ...
  2. 9 Weeks Post Op!

    I haven't been here in a couple weeks, but wanted to share. I had surgery July 25th. I'm 6' tall and weighed 334 before I started my journey. I got on the scale this morning and I hit 50 pounds lost! So I guess this is a scale victory!

    I guess I was kind of skeptical that this would work since so many other things failed. It's been quite an experience. I look forward to losing the next 50!
  3. Confessions! Forgive me sleevers for i have sinned... And i paid greatly for it!

    I am not Catholic... but this seemed so appropriate. I have been bingeing and purging... as best as a sleever can do!

    I have been having severe withdrawals from food... real food. Food that are totally unhealthy and the reason I even considered a lifestyle change. I know that I can not consume these foods... but I miss the taste, the texture, the blends of flavors, plus... I am so tired of pureed and soft foods.

    So I would stop at McDonalds, Rally's, Lil Caesars, ...
  4. Advice

    I am one week postop and have been feeling like complete crap. Last night I finally broke down and ate about seven goldfish crackers of my sons because I felt so sick to my stomach and I felt amazing afterwards. I have put a call into my surgeons office but have yet to receive a call back. Do you think it's wise to move to soft foods before he tells me to given that I was able to tolerate the goldfish crackers and they made me feel so much better?
  5. 24 hour countdown!

    Hey! Tomorrow is my day! A little nervous but excited! Had my last weigh in this morning? Any last minute advise? I'm getting these gas strips today that so many of you have talked about. Is there anything else that may be of help?