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  1. Pre-op diet and food guilt

    I've decided that there's a reason that the first three letters of diet are "die." Ha ha! I've never been this hungry in my life!! I started the pre-op diet last Thursday and so far, I'm down 6 lbs. I've had moments when I've felt wonderful, super alert, and energetic. Nice. But then there are moments that I feel dizzy, exhausted, see stars, and can barely haul my butt upstairs. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm thinking maybe it's a hydration issue...Days I'm tired are usually ...
  2. Beans and Rice

    It's Tuesday already, yaay the week is moving along great! So on todays workout menu was 85 brazillian squats, 40 military squats,40 lunges, weights and about an hour of walking. Notice I focus on squats, hey this booty doesn't stay lifted and luscious on it's own lol I felt a little itch on my upper right arm yesterday and went to rub it and noticed how firm and tight my upper arm felt, so I proceeded to feel the other one, you know to make sure I wasn't imagining things or that there weren't ...
  3. He won't recognize me...Please cut out my heart now...

    Yesterday I got a heir (oops hair) cut. It was a drastic cut taking my hair from near my waistband of my jeans to above my shoulders. I could rattle off 50 reasons but the biggest is I wanted a change I could control so I lost control and chose a cut so radically different. But the haircut really isn't the big thing in this story.

    I picked up my grandson afterwards. He is almost 9. He lives with me most of the time. His father (my son) is a underwater welder. As wonderful as our state, ...
  4. Photos! 7 months post op

    Ok I'm going to try and post some pictures.. Haven't done this yet so hopefully it works. Let me know!
    My starting weight was 256, today's weight was 165. 91 lbs gone! I'm 5'4" for those that like to compare with height
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  5. In The Waiting

    So, I finally finished meeting all the requirements that my insurance wanted me to do!! I was so afraid that I would fail. Everything they had me do was pretty simple. The most daunting of them all was having to lose 18 pounds in 6 months. I know that's not a lot at all but I was so afraid that I wouldn't make it in time. I had 3 more pounds to lose in my 6th month and I did it!! My starting weight was 330 lbs and I am currently at 312lbs.
    I am now currently in the waiting period to ...