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  1. Who would of thought

    Friday is my birthday but my nephew decided to give me my birthday present early. He got me a nutria-blender.
    So today I made a banana, blueberry protein powder smoothie and OMG it was the best thing ever.
    I was getting tired of drinking the same protein powder and gave it up.
    But a friend referred me to Iso Fuel Natural protein powder. And wow
    that's all I can say.
    So now im out trying to find all kinds of smoothie recipes. All you really taste is the fruit. ...
  2. Feeling frustrated

    Hi everyone
    I'm feeling a bit frustrated with myself, I'm sill on the same weight as I was two weeks ago but I'm having great difficulty motivating myself to do exercise, problem is I have Kennedy's disease which weakens my muscles & the more exercise I do the more tired the muscles become the next day. I think I can overcome it by doing a bit at a time but I'm feeling lazy & need to give myself a kick up the backside to get motivated.
  3. Out of the 300`s!!!

    Wowzers.. Dont know how long its been since I was under 300 pounds!

    But it feels good..

    Best decision ever made, thats for sure!!

  4. 6 weeks post op

    New to blogging, but thought that maybe someone else could use the information that has been gathered thus far. The hardest part of the entire journey hasn't been the loss of my friend food. It has been getting myself up out of the chair and onto my feet in some kind of sustained exercise activity. But daily it gets better. I finally stopped beating myself up about it and began to enjoy every outing. This morning during a 45 minute walk, I actually jogged for 10 minutes, maybe a little longer. ...
  5. A New Support Group For Austin, Texas Sleevers

    I started a group for people who live in or around Austin, Texas
    We all need someone to go to when we need advice or help.
    So here is mine. You don't have to live in Austin or even in Texas
    to join. I would love to see you. So drop by even just to say Hi..

    FYI..I do digital designing. You ask what that is. It's like how some people
    use a image or design on their email page as their "Signature" I can make
    animated or not.