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  1. one month to go!!

    I am relatively new and am getting very excited my surgery date is November 3rd. With Dr. Almanza, is any one else going from San Diego the same day??? I am anxious to meet new friends with the same goal....to feel healthy. I have never been out of the United States before so that also makes me a little on the nervous side. So if anyone else will be there too let me know.
  2. The things that kids say...

    by , 10-02-2014 at 09:56 PM (Got my surgery date and now I am so NERVOUS!!)
    Surgery is set for Monday and my son says "Mommy when you come home from the doctor will you be skinny?". I said to him "I wish it were that easy".
  3. The story so far

    Ok, so here's my story...

    Born a toothpick, all the way to an amazing 3rd grade. Summer of 3rd grade I needed glasses...Don't ask me why but this changed me. They made me self conscious, shy, and timid. By 4th grade i had blown up like a blimp!
    Kids were cruel, hurtful, mean...but i didn't care. I was a country boy that kept to myself and always turned the other cheek.
    The summer before i began high school, i fell in love with guitar, weightlifting, and girls! I played ...
  4. Stomach acid

    Hello everyone,

    Just want to report everything is getting better, I am down to 233, and I have gone from a 22 to a 18 or xl.

    It so encouraging to feel good and see it also.

    Also I found that taking a tums, or any non name brand has help me not get a stomach full of acid.

    Going back to the doctor on the 7th, to see what he has to say... decided not to go to classes anymore because they cost. I figured it would have come with the cost of the surgery.... ...
  5. Part of the problem

    So this will be a long post. As usual, there will be the 10% that I'll offend. If you have thin skin, you've been warned to stop reading now. I'm not apologizing so hang on tight.

    I won't mention her by name but a forum member was talking about the progress she has made and how she used to think that she was cute but she realized that she didn't look her best when she was large but now she is confident that she is looking good. I paraphrased that but you get the gist of what she ...