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  1. Surgery in 2 days!!

    I am so ready!! Excited and Nervous, but Ready!!
  2. gallbaldder

    I have found out I have gallstones, I was wondering if anyone had lithotrophy on their gallbaladder instead of taking it out and how that worked for you?
  3. Take What Life Hands You Graciously

    I have a blog with this title on another web site and borrowed it. It's fitting.
    I'm 4 days post op and in addition to aches, pains, mild discomforts... I know I have made the right choice. I seem to be a bit weepy too. I've held in all my fears since starting the insurance requirements back in December.

    My surgeon reassured us that bad things can happen anytime but the odds were very good things would go off without a hitch. Deep down I kept pushing to the back of my mind ...
  4. Still a work in progress

    I am still a work in progress, so on my profile page I posted some before and during pictures...I'm not at the after point yet but I will get there. I haven't been on the site in awhile but I wanted to let everyone know I am doing well. Sending love and motivation and positive vibes to all of you.
  5. Exciting news!!!! I'm approved!!!!!

    Oh my where do I start?? What do I say?? I had the lap band placed in 2006 with no real success! **sigh** after years of ignoring that I even still had the band...It reared it's ugly head -never to be ignored again. One night out of nowhere, I woke up to this excruciating pinch while lying on my left side. Needless to say...my NEW journey began. what's causing me this pain and discomfort? why now? I started the hunt for a physician who spoke the language of a bariatric patient. Not all physician's ...