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  1. Proud Moment !!

    Just wanted to share with everyone that I was in newsday a few weeks ago reguarding my weight loss success


    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Maintaining weightloss!!

    AHHH so here I am, 14 months post lapband to sleeve revision

    whats everyone's tips to maintain and keep it off ? what diets are you on/ following ?

    Thoughts on Whole 30 ? Keto ? Weight Watchers?

    anyone ever take flax seed oil supplement or apple cider vinegar pills ?

    just want to get it in order now so that way I stay where i am!!!

    Im weighing in noe at 154 , i want to hit 148 ( which im crazy about ) but ...
  3. Desk Job Struggles!

    With my first desk job, I find myself at a top weight in two years. I am trying to incorporate more workouts and eating healthy. I found out recently that Zoloft (prescribed at my husband lost his job and we nearly lost our home) may have contributed to part of my belly fat. However, I know some of this is my diet and lack of activity.

    In May, I started my first full-time desk job. The pay is incredible but the suffering my body is taking is horrible. It is nasty for my major back ...
  4. Day 2 of pre op diet

    Hello all -
    I am not sure I can continue to eat all of the recommended food for all 7 days. Its seems like a lot of liquid. What would happen if I did not eat soup, or jello? Can I just go without? Trying to make my protein shakes interesting. UGH. Tips anyone? surgery 10-19
  5. Nashville Bound-Life Goes On-Counting My Blessings-

    So first let me get the bad news out of the way. I did not get one of the 6 positions. I will be having a feedback session with the hiring managers sometime after my trip so I will know more then. My current manager was quite disappointed as he feels like I am highly qualified for the position. He is also eager to see what feedback they give me. I was disappointed but know that even getting an interview was an accomplishment. I know many people who did not get one and they have been with the ...