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  1. Really, No One Watches You in Boot Camp

    I used to hate group exercise classes before surgery, but now I'm getting used to them again. Here's my latest post about doing my first boot camp since surgery:


    Do you feel better about exercising after surgery?

    Take care,
  2. Fluffy not fat

    I don't know how to start a blog but i will jump in and try , i have been fluffy most of my life never thin i say fluffy cause my nephew used to tell that to my mom when he was little he would say your not fat grandma your fluffy ,that sound better to me . In my thoughts i see this skinny women but then i see myself in the mirror and totally hate me, My husband says im hot and sexy to him but i don't feel that way and he don't understand that so i have to be loving myself before i can except what ...
  3. New Year! New Haircut! New me!

    Reposting edited version from a thread about "Hair loss fear...."

    I celebrated my One-year Sleeversary with a wonderful day at the spa where I had a much needed facial and massage. Yesterday I had a complete hair makeover I went for brighter highlights and went for a super short style!

    For me shorter hair means more maintenance because my hair is naturally wavy and I'm hoping this version of a pixie cut will work whether I straighten it or just wash and go. ...
  4. Anyone know if it's hard to get insurance to pay??

    So my insurance is active on June 1st and I have contacted a surgeon about the initial consultation. I want to get the sleeve as opposed to the band and wondering if anyone has any input on if insurance will typically cover it. My BMI is 37.5. Does anyone else have experience with this and having to have a comorbidity?
  5. I am over trying to eat.

    Okay I know I am only 5 days out. My surgeon put me on full liquid diet the day after surgery. I can hardly get the water up to 30 oz much less anything else.
    I don't even want to eat. Okay I want a salad or spaghetti. But I sure the heck know I am not eating that.
    I have managed to choke down chocolate pudding with injury protein power. But when I tried the same with tomato soup. It made me want to hard.
    I take all my vitamins faithfully.
    I just want something ...