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  1. In A Stall (Or Something Like It)

    I think I have finally hit my first stall. It's not that I was looking forward to this moment, however, knowing that things have been progressing along quite well, it was more a matter of looking out for it to happen.

    It has been about a week - give or take a day or two - since I last lost any weight. Granted, I go up or down an ounce or two, but by and large, I have not shifted from my previously recorded weight. While I am not bothered by this, I do wonder how long it will last. ...
  2. Protein Protocall

    It would seem there is a general consensus among VSG'ers that the daily consumption of protein supplements can be, to say the least, trying.

    When I first left the hospital, I had no problem with drinking my daily protein shakes, however, as time moved on, I found that I grew increasingly less fond of the chalky aftertaste and the watered down consistency. It became such a problem that I would try to rely on edible proteins alone (something I do not recommend when you are newly post-op. ...
  3. Great date night with the husband and Christmas shopping

    Last night was our annual date night in Nashville Tn with Christmas shopping for the kids today. It was absolutely wonderful!!! We got all dressed up and went to eat at Sperryís in Cool Springs. I ate the best steak I have EVER had!! 8oz filet mignon. I could only eat half and I told my husband that before surgery I would have eaten every last bit and wished for more, but I stuck to my routine and stopped eating when my body told me to. (I typically hiccup just before I get to the point of being ...
  4. 5 1/2 weeks post op and feeling amazing!

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    I am a little over 5 weeks post op and feeling amazing. I am down a total of 45.8 LBS and still going! For the past few years Iíve been wearing size XXL and was a size 42 waist. I now wear size L and in between a 36-38 waist. I feel awesome!
    SW: 288.8
    CW: 243.8
    GW: 175
    ó feeling amazed.
  5. All appointments scheduled!

    Just got it in the mail, confirmation of all appointments scheduled for testing before surgery!!!! Iíve only got two appointments scheduled with a Dietitician, I suppose thatís only 3 months of supervised weight loss?! Idk, Iíll call but Iím excited right now!