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  1. 6 Month update!

    Time flies right?!
    I'm doing my 6 month update about 10 days early because I m going to be super busy from next week.

    What can I tell you... I'm a normal weight, I'm running and crossfitting (which I always did, for people that don't know me - I was the super fit fat person). As some of you know I had already lost 40 kilos over the space of a few years and had my sleeve to sort out the rest. I've lost around 26 kilos or a bit more since having the sleeve and have about 2-ish ...
  2. 5k-Any Baby Can-Going for Gold-Vitamins

    Totally scored at Walmart. They had all sorts of vitamins on sale for $3 a bottle. (Regular prices were between $7 and $10.) I bought several bottles of the Biotin 10,000mcg, multi vitamin gummies (the only way I can take them without feeling sick/burping up the flavor), and vitamin D. Even bought some multi vitamins for my hubby and kids since they had men's, women's, and teens versions. I was pleased as pie getting all that stuff. The lady at the register probably thought I was crazy. LOL. ...
  3. Live Like a Squirrel

    Today I watched a squirrel in my yard and realized it was the perfect analogy to how I need to change: be confident in yourself even when you're not sure. Here's my latest story in my weight loss journey on my blog:


    Best wishes,
  4. Water consumption

    I was told to consume 64oz. of water per day. Do you think other liquids such as protein drinks count toward that?
  5. Old Slacks, Yay!!!

    Good Morning.

    This morning I was able to get into an old pair of work slacks that I havenít worn in a year, great thing didnít clean out my closet. Mainly because I knew I was getting sleeved so I held off. There wasnít a struggle, didnít have to suck in my stomach, and I can sit down in them comfortably with a little extra room to spare. Surgery was was about 7 weeks ago and Iím down 34 pounds!! I had to hide my scales because I was weighing every day!!