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  1. 5.5 months out

    It's been five and a half months from surgery and am ONE pound away from my original goal weight of losing 95 pounds.

    In that time, I have lost 44.5 inches from all over this body (10.5"-14" inches from each area: chest, waist and hips).

    What I have found that works for me is some form of exercise. I am not a gym rat by any stretch of the word, but I do like to dance around to loud music so Zumba classes are my vice. I'd much prefer them to machines. I still ...
  2. Freaking out

    Well i found out today that i will be receivibg my sleeve surgery on august 29th. I need to start the liquid diet tomorrow but was not able to get to the office to buy the meal replacement shakes. She told me to get Premier protein meal replacement shakes. Does anyone know which stores might carry them?

    Thanks michele
  3. Boot camp day 3

    Day 3 done! Now I have the weekend off before I start again. I think I need to clarify some points about me and crossfit boot camp. My exercises are scaled or modified due to my age and ability. Push-ups for me are done with my knees on the ground. Burpees are done against the wall and sit ups are done with a ball behind my back. Now with all that said I can say this: I did 3 sit ups without the ball today!! My goal was to be able to do 1 sit up before the end of a month. I did 3 in a week. ...
  4. 11 day old sleever:)

    This is my first time to visit and join this site.I had 2 weeks of pre op liquid diet with Premier shakes, bone broth, clear broths, popcycles, and jello. I had my surgery on August 7, stayed in the hospital one extra day because of low oxygen levels even using my cpap, and came home Wednesday Aug 9th. My hospital stay was not bad at all, except for the fact I could not have a drink of water the whole day or that night. I vaguely remember telling the nurse I thought the doctor was "terribly ...
  5. Follow-up appointments after surgery.

    Once my surgery is over and I have went back home to rural Kansas, will I be expected to fly back to San Diego for a follow-up appointment, or can it be done by telehealth...or even a local provider? What do most people do after a Lap-Band to Sleeve revision surgery?