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  1. Face to Face Friday

    Is anyone on Instagram? I started an account for my blog Down the Scale and I'm enjoying seeing other people who have had gastric sleeve surgery. Here's the link to my account: https://www.instagram.com/down_the_scale/

    And here's my latest post:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I love comparing before and after photos. It keeps me inspired!

    Happy Friday!
  2. 12 left

    I am so excited. I received my itinerary in an email tonight. I can not believe there is only 12 more days to go before I have surgery. 2 days before I start my diet (which I am not looking forward to).

    The fat me does not want to start this liquid diet. I have to have a protein shake for breakfast, protein shake for lunch, and a salad/veg and meat protein for dinner. I can have some sugar free jello and broth and things like that for a snack if I am really hungry. I am so nervous ...
  3. Officially no longer overweight!!!!

    So today is the day that it finally happened. I hopped on that scale and it said 123....and just like that I am officially no longer overweight. I have not felt overweight in about 10 lbs...maybe more. But it is still so very, very nice to know that I am no longer classified as overweight. Isn't is curious how much merit we put on these stupid labels? I mean, it is dumb that this meant so much to me. It is not like someone knows that my BMI had me as overweight unless I tell them because I ...
  4. Pregnancy after sleeve! How much did you gain? 2+ years out

    I've been looking online to find topics on this, but I can't find anything that relates to my situation. Can anyone 1.5+ years out tell me about their pregnancy experience after their sleeve? I had my sleeve back in May 2014, and did great! I went from 275 to 169 lbs & wore a comfortable size 10. I went back to my office job last June and steadily gained 18 pounds & then found out I was pregnant in April! So, now I'm 3.5 months pregnant and up 5 pounds on top of the 18 that I gained beforehand! ...
  5. Really, No One Watches You in Boot Camp

    I used to hate group exercise classes before surgery, but now I'm getting used to them again. Here's my latest post about doing my first boot camp since surgery:


    Do you feel better about exercising after surgery?

    Take care,