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  1. Quick update!

    Hello everyone havent been on here in a while.
    well i just wanted to say im happy so far with my results.
    im trying to get better at taking my vitamins.
    now i need to work on the working out part because that for sure isnt changing on me. i hate that i get so lazy. when it comes to working out.
    well i weighed myself yesterday and i weigh 297 pounds!!
    i was so happy because i havent weighed under 300 since i was in middle school. so it was a pretty big day for ...
  2. Before and After picts

    so I have noticed since Dec 2016 to Sept 2017 before surgery I have started loosing the double chin .. even from augs which i did not post because i was in my bikini top and .. well dont think my husband would appreciate it lol.
    today my emotions have been all over the place.. odly thinking after surgery how long will it be for being intimate w/ the husband will it be a month .. or longer .. i am going on a cruise in end of oct some say ill be fine some from reading dont seem i may be .. ...
  3. what if i ripped a staple??

    i was at the san diego airport 3 days after my surgery. i was standing in line at security and there was a puddle of water on the floor but there were no signs and i didn't see the water and i slipped and fell. it hurt pretty bad. by the time i got home i was bleeding from a place i should not have been bleeding from. i went to the doctor and he took xrays. from there being so much swelling still from surgery it was impossible to see if staples had been compromised. he told me to come back ...
  4. 6 months post op appt. preview

  5. excited and slightly nervous

    I am starting my pre op diet in 3 weeks, surgery in 4. I am excited to pursue my new life. I have been overweight all my life. Tried lots of diets. On a positive note, I like to walk and I like Zumba so hopefully activity will be even more enjoyable. So glad I found this sight. I read the posts everyday.