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  1. Pre-op Diet

    Hi everyone,
    So, I started my pre op diet today. For my plan it is 3xoptifast products a day. there are some allowed vegetables if you need them. I'm in Australia so its what they do here. I chose a shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch and a soup for dinner. i thought that might make it managable as I dont fancy 3 shakes a day.
    I also bought a Vitamix the other week which i thought would come in useful over the next few weeks and it mixes them shakes up good!
    Now I have to ...
  2. So the journey begins again

    Hi, I'm Brass598, I live in NJ have 2 adult children both have had the VSG and my Daughter in law too so guess you can say we are a VSG Family.

    Presently I'm 318 Lbs. and scheduled for surgery on 10/26/17, and I cannot WAIT!!!!
    I had a lap band for 8 years, lost a total of 110Lbs but over time gained it back, had to have it removed.
    I read that a lot of Dr. want patients on a liquid diet for days or weeks prior to surgery date.
    Mine just wants me on liquids ...
  3. Update on endoscopy

    Home, cant remember anything and no sore throat!!! Hurrah
  4. From endoscopy to sleeve and beyond! Low BMIs might be interested.

    I think these blogs are really great for new people to read and get to see the experience from someone elses point of view. I've really enjoyed reading Christies blog especially so I thought this is a good time to start one.
    I am having my sleeve in 15 days and today is the endoscopy. I'm not too worried about it as hopefully I won't remember it and people on this site have been very reassuring.
    My story is .... I've always struggled with obesity since being a child. Fortunatly ...
  5. 21 months...losing again

    Hello my dear friends,

    My new Parisian life is hectic to say the least. But I've been amazed so see my scale move again. And quiet a lot compare to the previous months.
    I lost more than 7 pounds since September, not 100g or 300g per month like before when I was in Asia.

    I must say that I eat much more since I'm back, I have access to more nutritious food. And at work there's functions ALL THE TIME and I was afraid that would be a bad influence on my diet (who ...