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  1. Yes!!

    Got a 16oz protein shake down in about 1 1/2 hours today 5 days post op and I can now take deeper breaths without pain! Getting better by the day! To those just post op make sure you use your respitory device as it really does help! Hopefully I can get the full 64 ounces today. Got about 40 yesterday.

    OH and probably TMI but I finally had a bowel movement after 6 days. I am putting Miralax in the shakes and Powerade.
  2. Day 4 Post Op

    As suspected things seem to be getting easier, still struggling with fluids but working on it. Just bored to death as my wife won't let me leave the house until I get in 64 ounces. I got about 24 yesterday. Shooting for at least 36 today. Still getting periodic gassy pains just below my chest plate. They pass however. I had planned on going back to work Monday but not going to until I get in 64 ounces. Fortunately, I can work from home so I plan on easing my way back into it. I know if I ...
  3. 9-Month Sleeversary

    Well, just a quick update on my progress toward my health and weight goals. But first, I want to share some amazing news too, I received a grad school acceptance letter from USC!!! I am not counting my chickens just yet as I am waiting to hear from the financial aid office as to what type of scholarships I may receive, and I am still waiting to hear from another grad program so crossing fingers and toes still. My partner and I have come up with a contingency living plan, whatever happens we will ...
  4. 15 weeks-Caramels-Keep on keeping on-Goals

    So today I am 15 weeks out! Where has the time gone? I continue to be amazed by my continued weight loss and how great I feel. I still can get that too full feeling when I eat too fast but overall, it has been a great ride. I have lost another pound. I'm 146. Yay! Slowly creeping down to the 130's....I know I will get there. I was hoping to get to the 130's by the 10th when I have a follow up with my surgeon. Fingers crossed! That brings my total weight loss to 61 lbs, 41 of which are ...
  5. 15 weeks out

    Today I hit the 15 week mark!

    I'm getting where I need to be little by little and I'm very happy.
    I do have stalls and it's OK. I've learned to roll with them. To not fuss over the scale. I have days where I go up in water weight and come all the way down. I'm still having bathroom issues but my Dr. says it's because my body was used to me consuming large amounts of water before surgery and now that I'm on the daily struggle to chug more than 64 0z from 3 liters is a big change. ...