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  1. 60 and kicking butt.

    I am one week post-op tomorrow. I am doing way better then expected.....I think this is going to add years to my life. I even enjoy the walking!
  2. Day 6 Pre-Op Blahs

    Day 6 of this pre-op diet. UGH. I'm so over it. I keep telling myself this is going to be well worth it. My friend who had surgery a few weeks ago is doing amazing and inspires me, most days. Today, I'm not feeling it. I leave for Tijuana next Wednesday morning....lord help me until then!
  3. Crossfit Bootcamp

    Well I got the first day of crossfit boot camp done and in the books. It was awesome and the most difficult and painful thing I have ever done. We started off with warm ups which was easy. I though hmmm, this ain't so bad. Then they give us the run down on the work out: 10 strict push-ups, 15 sit-ups, 20 squats with a 9lb kettle ball, 200 meter run. Do this as many times as you can for 60 min. I did 3 reps and thought I was gonna die!!
    Just when I thought we were done at the end of ...
  4. New Pics-Running Woman-Hot, Hot, Hot!!

    Oh my God. It is so hot now. I love running outdoors but have taken my running inside since mid week due to the triple digit numbers and high humidity. Also due to the fact that I run in the afternoons after work so it is naturally hotter. But weekends I do run first thing in the morning outdoors since I do not want to have to drive to my work gym. (An awesome perk of my employer is 3 free full gyms at work with all the amenities included. I absolutely love that!!) This morning I got a later ...
  5. Day 3 pre op.

    I have just started my pre op diet and I'm feeling very enthusiastic and looking forward to the NEW ME!