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  1. A Milestone and A Promise

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    Last summer, my 9 year old grandson asked me often if he and I could go to the YMCA and swim at their pool(s) with the water slides and other water features. (I guess my pool at home was getting boring for the little guy.) I told him I would LOVE to go, but there was no way grandma would put on a swimsuit and wear it in public! I told him that "WHEN" I shed a massive amount of weight, I would gladly take him there.

    This past winter ...
  2. Initial Consult

    Today I had my initial visit with Dr. Adolfo Fenandez. They were very courteous and professional. I went in for what I thought would be a long visit but it turned out to be approximately 15 minutes. They took preliminary information (i.e. wt., ht., verified medical history). They then explained the 3 surgeries-duodenal switch, roux en y, and the gastric sleeve. I told them that I preferred the sleeve. I had to sign a contract stating that I would not gain any weight as it would delay my surgery ...
  3. Taking Back Control of My Life!!

    I found my groove back in 2012 and in 16 months lost 182 pounds. I did this with nutrition and exercise. But things happened, my ex went off the deep end and I wound up being a single mother to two awesome kids. We have not seen or heard from him in a little over 4-years, which is good since there is a restraining order. haha...(yes, I can amuse myself by this now).

    He hated the fact I had taken control of my life and I allowed his behavior to take it away again! Well not anymore! ...
  4. Interview-119-Italy-Going to Rock a Dress

    So today has been a great day!! I just found out I will be getting interviewed for a promotion at work. And the interview is TOMORROW!!!! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I really hope I am able to get the job as I had just been promoted in July of last year. It is a really competitive company I work for so whenever positions open up they have to weed out the applicants (internal applicants) to see who will get interviewed and then they interview quite a few for the limited positions. ...
  5. holding around 170ish..

    down a few, up a few... usually between 167 and 172 (clothes, time of month, etc)

    finally, this site, allowed me to upload pics. they were the most recent side by sides I had .. I need to take more but I honestly forget .. ugh lol

    I realized recently I am an emotional eater. Doesn't matter if I am happy or sad or bored.. usually more so stressed, sad or bored.

    alcohol is still a tricky thing to figure out. sometimes it really hits me, sometimes not. ...