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  1. Decision to have Lap-Band Revision

    Good morning guys,

    I am now 1 week post-op and I thought this is the right time to create a few post for folks looking to do a revision. There are countless blogs on here about the vsg. But the lap-band revision to sleeve is certainly something else. Please excuse the typos, I wrote this on my iPad.

    So...let's start off.

    How did I know I needed a revision? And why did I choose the sleeve?
    As I'
    ve mentioned in many earlier posts, I had successful ...
  2. And the number is....................... ....

    So I went to my PCP for pap today. I had seen him last on the 20th of December. I was curious to see what my total weight loss was for the past month. I just update my ticker and have not been tracking my weight loss weekly or what not. I thought I had lost about 10 lbs over this past month as my best guess. Turns out I was 12 lbs lighter than a month ago. I was really pleased with that number. I am definitely on a nice steady path for my weight loss. I am sure that it will continue to move ...
  3. One Year Surgeversary!!!!

    And just like that!! Boom!! One year already!!

    My highest weight was 192, as of this morning i am 120 lbs !! I am a size extra small in tops and a "0" in jeans!! My BMI went from 36 to 22. I have never been this small. I was 115 lbs when I was 18 but still a size 6. I've lost all my curves but I am happier and a better person now! This surgery literally saved my life and saved my marriage! Sad but it's true, in a way my husband seems to like me better in bed, then again ...
  4. 11 Weeks

    Completed week 3 of the C25K program. Still feeling great. No soreness. This week was definitely doable. Warm up 5 mins, run 90 secs, walk 90 secs, run 3 mins, walk 3 mins, 90/90/3min/3min again, 5 minute cool down. Not bad at all. I did peek at next week. After warm up it is 3 min run, 90 sec walk, 5 min run, 2.5 min walk (repeat), then cool down. I am a little intimidated. Hopefully I am good to go!
    Tomorrow I have an appointment with my PCP for my girlie parts. Aw the joy of ...
  5. Nearly 1 week since I was sleeved in Mexico - 1st blog so lots to write

    It has gone pretty fast. I haven't made any blog posts yet so I'm going to catch up a bit. I figure other people who are thinking of having their surgery in Mexico might be curious about details, so this might be a little lengthy.

    I had my surgery in MX by Dr. Almanza on the 13th. I started my preop diet on the 3rd. I feel like I had an easier time with the preop because it was in preparation for something I was excited for. At the airport coming home and since being home I'm having ...