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  1. Running and shooting and shopping, oh my!

    So today I completed week 4 day one of the C25K. As I expected, it was hard but not as bad as I had anticipated. It felt the hardest the last 1 1/2 minutes of the final 5 minute run. It did not help that it was super windy today. Like crazy wind. So there were times that we were fighting against the wind while running. I may have to do this week twice to feel completely comfortable with the running portions and I am ok with that. I want to be sure that I feel like I am enjoying the running ...
  2. Operation McSkinny Jeans

    3 Weeks Post-op

    Eating hurts.

    The top of my stomach and/or lower portion of my esophagus cramp when I eat anything remotely solid. I've always been a very busy person who waits until I am terribly hungry to eat a meal,.. then,... I eat fast and waaaaay too much. So this is probably 'operator error', on my part. I'm just going to have to adjust to the fact that eating is going to take some time going forward.

    That's one way to make someone drop 21 ...
  3. 2 weeks in to my restart

    Well We re still at it in 2 weeks only took a few days off from the Gym I would go like 3 days in a row then a day off then 2 days in a row then a day off. In 2 weeks I went from walking nearly 3 miles to now I run for 30 straight minutes I just get under 1.5 miles with that run then the rest I walk. I have set goals for time and this week I hit 3 miles under 55 minutes. Hey not bad for a big guy. Only bread I do have is one slice of whole wheat bread rice pasta I stay away from.

  4. 11 days Post-op; 1st night out/celebration since surgery SOLID FOOD... ish

    I am now 11 days post op. My only complications, so far, are that 2 of my incision sites are infected and painful. I need to see a Dr. I think, maybe get stronger antibiotics. I think it's weird that I've followed the post-op instructions and have been taking my antibiotics as directed and STILL got infected. hmm...

    Yesterday was Bill's birthday so we went out to our favorite place; The Blackfish (super awesome restaurant IN our favorite casino, with amazing food/chef and great wine
  5. Decision to have Lap-Band Revision

    Good morning guys,

    I am now 1 week post-op and I thought this is the right time to create a few post for folks looking to do a revision. There are countless blogs on here about the vsg. But the lap-band revision to sleeve is certainly something else. Please excuse the typos, I wrote this on my iPad.

    So...let's start off.

    How did I know I needed a revision? And why did I choose the sleeve?
    As I'
    ve mentioned in many earlier posts, I had successful ...