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  1. 5:35am Pickup

    Good Morning Everyone,

    It has been a rough night here in Tijuana; I didnít get much sleep at all. My body is definitely still on EST as it is 2:46am and my pickup to go back to the hospital is almost 3 hours away. Trying really hard not to wake my mother; maybe I will go for a walk around the hotel, Iím not going to get anymore sleep. My whole body is sore from yesterdayís travels but here I am only a few hours away from my new sleeved life

    Wish me luck, have ...
  2. Locked & Loaded - On A Journey To A New Me!

    Hello Everyone...My name is Chef Mo'nique

    Yesterday, I started the 1st day of my pre-op diet. I admit that yesterday was a lot harder than today as far as cravings go. Why is it then when you're NOT hungry that's when the hunger pains kick in? I know that it's mainly mental in my case but "Boy o' Boy" as a Chef, this is one of the hardest task that I've ever been face with.
    If you know anything about Chefs, you know that like a baby we love to put everything in our ...
  3. Oatmeal! Glorious oatmeal!!

    Quote Originally Posted by KerryPG View Post
    Good Morning!

    Who am I kidding? GREAT morning!! Today is my 12th Wedding anniversary. 12 years ago today I married the love of my life AND today I am released to eating REAL food (insert happy dance). Today marks the first day of Phase Three - Pureed Foods stage. The Bariatric center I am going to put together a very comprehensive manual to follow. There are even recipes. This morning I made Maple oatmeal. I added some unflavored protein powder and used Almond Milk (as I
  4. Adventures in Weight Loss Surgery #6

  5. Progress-Strong Woman-Running-Maintenance-Tryouts

    Things are going great for this sleeved lady. New job training is over and just completed my first week of no longer being in training. Loving it. My manager is very pleased with how well I picked up the job. She has been able to give me extra work and I have been able to accomplish it all with no issues. The girl who sits next to me was sleeved in August. Not by my surgeon. She told me about being sleeved within a week or so of me joining the team. I did not tell her I was sleeved. Just ...