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  1. Dietitian on day 16

    Hurrrrrahhhhh! onward from the fluids, phew!
    So, in the last week i've been making my soups thicker and more pureed which were my instructions, and today i've see n the dietition and I'm onto pureed/softfood. I thought it would be all puree but thankfully I was wrong!
    So I can have fish and dont have to mash it, cottage cheese, tuna, patties, beans, eggs,yogurt, cheeses, vegetables ( no salad for another month) avocados (it would be unaustralian if I couldn't have them), porridge, ...
  2. helpful tips are appreciated...

    Hey Guys,

    For those experienced sleevers who have lost the weight over the months.... do you have any health tips for losing the weight. I am about 22 days post-op and haven't lost anything since last week. Is it normal to have a plateau so early on? I am not nervous or anything, just curious.

    All the best,
  3. 1 week Post Op

    This first week has been fairly good. Had surgery Wednesday, home Thursday, back to work Friday- which may have been crazy but... I'm a Realtor so I don't make money if I don't work. Fortunately, I love my job. Anyway, getting protein and fluids in the 1st couple of days was challenging, but not a problem any longer. Gas is significantly better and bloating has subsided - especially now that I added a stool softener to the mix. Walked 2 miles yesterday which felt pretty good. I keep hearing ...
  4. 8 months out

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! On Friday, day after thanksgiving day, will be my 8th month anniversary since surgery.

    I have lost 102 and am holding steady. I am very happy with this amount lost, so if this is it... this is it and I am MORE than OK with it.

    I know 'they' (surgeons/nutritionists) said that MOST of the hunger hormone -ghrelin- gets removed, but mine must have used google maps to find it's way back home to me. My appetite has increased drastically ...
  5. All things bowels!!!

    Well, this is often a question that comes up and post any surgery bowels can be a pain in the bum!!! Being a nurse I don't get too upset with bowel conversation and i have been known to bang on and on about bowel care and even suggest that I would like to care for the bowel habits of world leaders, as I think it really does have an effect on how people conduct themselves!!! It can cause moodiness, confusion (especially in the elderly) and all kinds of things, so we must look after them!!! Yes! ...