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  1. A Realistic Goal Weight

    I recently had a conversation with someone regarding my estimated goal weight, and at that time, it was mentioned that my ideal weight might not very realistic (I am looking at 185 lbs, but was told that realistically, I should set my sights on 210-220 lbs.)

    At the time of that conversation, I was not very pleased with what had been suggested because - at least to my way of thinking - there should not be any form of outside expectation placed on what goal weight someone should/could ...
  2. Something I Never Saw Coming

    First off, I want to thank the folks who messaged me post-surgery. I appreciate your support and consideration more than you know. Iím feeling pretty tired, so Iím going to make this kinda quick.

    I checked in for surgery Thursday morning and was all done by noon. After a few hours in recovery, hubby and I were on our two hour drive back home. Thatís when things went wonky.

    Once I got home, I just wanted to sleep so I headed upstairs. Thing is, I couldnít get comfortable ...
  3. 10 months Post Op

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    It's almost 10 months since surgery and I am still doing very well, sticking to my new normal.
    Don't get me wrong, there are times I WANT something I normally do not eat anymore and I will give in and eat a few Town House Flatbread Crackers because I refuse to feel like I am on a diet. I know how many I can eat without going berserk and once I have a few crackers, that's it. (Unlike the OLD days where I could polish off a box in one sitting.) ...
  4. Bile Reflux

    I am 3 days shy of 3 months post op from sleeve surgery. I am 55 lbs lighter but suffering with major bile reflux issues. Is anyone else having this problem? I am on 4 different medications that barely touch the surface.
  5. Getting Started Again.

    I am getting myself geared up to go through the pre-requisite process for the Sleeve again, Let me explain what I mean by again.

    I was cleared for surgery pending blood work, I did the nutritionist visits, exercise classes, meetings with psychiatrist, and Dr. I was finishing up the blood work when it all came to a halt.

    My Aunt went in for the surgery and had severe complications.

    she went home the following day like normal however 2 days post ...