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  1. Four-Month Surgiversary!

    Four-Month Surgiversary!
    When I started the process in December 2016 to "go for it", and take control of my out of control weight, I couldn't possibly have imagined that I'd be wearing a size MEDIUM by summertime and feeling 20 years younger! But by God I am wearing a medium AND feel 20 years younger.

    My BMI index was over 40 in January (41 in December) and itís now 26.5. I have gone from 2 and 3x in tops to a Large (which are now too large) and my pant size went ...
  2. 2nd stall done!

    First "blog" post on this thing! Yeah!!

    I was super discouraged for the past two weeks. I've been walking and working out every day and my weight never changed. I'm now 6.5 weeks out and had hit my 2nd stall already. The first was only 3-4 days. This last one was almost two weeks!!!! I started eating more protein and adding 15 minutes to my morning walk and have dropped 5 lbs in 3 days! Yep! I guess I just needed a little more food and exercise to start up again! So excited! ...
  3. 3 days post-op and starting to feel OK

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    On day 6 post op. Feeling ok just hernia repair bothering me the most. Start full liquids tomorrow, ready for a new taste. Things progressing as they should.
  4. I'm back!-Gelato Every Day-Awesome Vacation

    So I had a fantastic vacation!! It was a lot of fun and a lot of food....well a lot for me. So the interesting thing is that I did not weigh myself for a full 2 1/2 weeks as I did not have access to a scale on my vacation. For whatever reason, my dad no longer had a scale in the house. At first, I was kind of freaking out about not having a scale. But I did try to pay attention to what my body looked like and how my shorts fit.
    I ate anything and everything I wanted. After all, I ...
  5. 18 month post-op, last time I see my team!

    Yesterday was my last post-op at the hospital. A little sad I must say, to say goodbye to my amazing surgeon and his lovely team. They all have been great since the start of the journey, for sure I will miss them but we promised to stay in touch!

    My doc was very happy about my progress. My body composition does show that I've been losing more fat and no muscle which is great. I did ask him if it was going to be doable to achieve my goal, he said it could take one more year but I'm ...