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  1. I Did It

    Well I had my surgery 2 days ago. I have not posted at all because I didn't know what to say. Leading up to surgery I didn't know whether to be happy, nervous or embarrassed. Crazy right? After my pre-op and losing 14 pounds, I had it in my mind I can do this without surgery. As you can see that didn't happen...a peace came over me and I went through with this opportunity given to me.

    So I thought I would go back to the sight to see how things went for others post-op. At one ...
  2. 5 days pre op

    Unbelievable, it's almost my turn for surgery and seeing my name in the next week's surgery list has left me with mixed emotions. Sad because I'm leaving behind food which has been my everything, scared with the unknown outcome but staying positive, numb because I let it get to this point, and overall happy and anticipating a new beginning where I can start really liking what I see and love myself.

    So today my journey officially begins. The last couple of months I have had a hell ...
  3. 8 days post op

    Ok, so I went to the doctor Thursday and he said everything seems good and that I can start the full liquids and every Friday after go to the next diet stage. Well....I know I haven't been behaving the way I should as far as the diet perspective goes, but I feel so much better. 2 days before I was supposed to, I started sipping protein shakes, I felt great and the little left over pain from my incisions completely disappeared. So I've been on full liquids for 4 days now and I decided since cottage ...
  4. How long should I board my dogs?

    Hi everyone & thanks for all your great advice!

    I'm 18 days away from surgery (yay) and trying to get my environment squared away to make things easier. Kitchen is cleared out, etc.

    My question is re: how you felt when you came home from the hospital.

    I live alone and have 3 rescue dogs (I couldn't help myself, they needed a home.) Two are puppies and one is 12 years old and a heifer--he's 18#. I've read you can't lift after surgery and Kirby is ...
  5. I Guess I Need to Buy New Clothes

    I donít post much here, but I visit almost daily to learn from others whoíve had or who are preparing for VSG. I see lots of new people with questions, as well as folks who have been around for a while and who are very inspiring. Some of you are also very real, frankly discussing challenges that we encounter. Iím four months post-op, and I wanted to share some observations from the perspective of someone who has made it through the first few months and has learned a few things along the way. Iím ...