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  1. Who has had a gastric sleeve that was less than 200lbs?

    I way 162 and was approved for gastric sleeve in Mexico with Dr. Alvarez. Has anyone else done this?
  2. It's Starting!!!

    I am all set to have most of my tests done tomorrow!
    I'm so excited to actually be moving in the direction now!
    My next appt with the Nutritionist and the surgeon is on July 17th.
    I feel like it is actually happening now and I couldn't be happier.
    Fingers crossed that it gets approved. I know it's a while away from now but that's ok. As I mentioned in another post, the time is going to pass anyway.

  3. Do many people decide not to have the surgery due to the wait time for it?

    Also, I was wondering if many people following the diet plan and exercise plan of the Bariatric program have lost weight and decided not to have the surgery?
  4. to Shirl

    for some reason, the site won't let me answer your question to me, so here's my answer:

    I learned about Keto by just googling and being on one of the keto fb pages. there's guy that is a keto guru, Ben McDonald, that does very informative podcasts, here's the first one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dX4r6fHy1bc

    there's a couple of women on here that do the LCHF lifestyle, too.

    It means no fruits/nuts or carbs of any kind....even the good ones (at least for ...
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  5. Do a little dance...make a little love....get down tonight......get down tonight....


    I hope you are all up dancing because guess who hit her goal weight today??? THIS CHICK RIGHT HERE!!! I feel like I have just won the freaking lottery. While I was completely satisfied with where I was...there is just something mental about hitting your goal weight. I was scared that 120 was too small. Too thin. Too low. I was probably never going to make it. Right? I mean, we have all been there. Set goals. Tried with all our might like the ...